Saturday, April 19, 2014

Manifestation 101: ONE MILLION DOLLARS

 (paragraphs marked with > are my comments)

[Triangle diamond] (this is a "handshake" symbol - I saw this as a diamond superimposed over a triangle)

This is Adama.

>Hi Adama, how are you?

I'm fine, Troy. It's nice to talk to you. It's been a bit of time, from your point of reference.

You have had some success in manifestation. You have discovered the necessary vibration, to visualize one million dollars. It is the feeling of that idea that you want to use. You will be able to identify other vibrations that correspond to different patterns/templates within your reality, and you will notice the desired outcome based on that vibration. And the key is to focus your intent on that vibration, rather than focusing on the outcome or the thing itself. It's the FEELING of that thing that you want to focus on. That's all. It's really very simple.

I know you have many questions about how others might bring this to reality for them, but it is somewhat different depending on the situation, and different for the person doing the visualizing. For some, the idea of this thing - one million dollars - is too hard to grasp, since they are unaccustomed to what this represents. Do you see the dragon curling around a gold hoard? All along, it is not his to give, but yours to feel. From your perspective, simply do what works for you. It is really not the task of the way-shower to show others their path. You are on your path, they are on theirs, but the help is in knowing that such a thing can be accomplished. If they wish to benefit, it is their own choice to do so.

Other businessmen - especially those who are household names - have discovered this trick and have walked a similar path. Every morning, they wake up and visualize a million dollars. The expression "I feel like a million dollars" is a good idiom to follow, but it could take the vibration and externalize it. They internalize this feeling in their chest/heart area. And they JUST visualize a million dollars. They have discovered that the visualization is not complete once they start thinking about HOW, or WHY, because that limits the manifestation.

>I'm curious, Adama... can you tell me why there seems to be a random "negative" manifestation that appears with every "positive" one? How do I limit the negative to accomplish my original intent?

This is the price of duality - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

>Would I be better off not visualizing money, since it is often said that the money I'm visualizing has negative energy attached to it?

Not necessarily. When you start to ride a bike, usually the bike you start with is not the best bike, but rather the one you are comfortable with. I think you are beginning to see how parasitic energy works, but remember this is your - and only your - visualization. If it helps you to "cleanse" the money first, visualize light surrounding that money, if you wish. But really it is the simple feeling of the essence of the money that you are needing to use.

You may also wish to analyze your feelings towards this money. Negative energy that you put into this money may also manifest. All I'm saying is that it's a worthwhile meditation, to focus on the essence of that vibration, without the surrounding values you might place on it. Strip those away, and you might find more success with your manifestation. In time you will discover other significant manifestation vibrations, and you'll want to take a similar approach to those.

For example, how do you feel towards a pretty girl. The pretty girl might see her lot in life as both a blessing and a curse. But really she is just she, and you are just you. Whether you see her as cursed or blessed, doesn't change the essence of who she is.

>There was a time when I trusted a pretty girl less, but of course I let that go because, as you say, the essence of who someone is, is pretty much who everyone is.

Yes exactly. [smiling] I will let you go, if you wish, Troy.

>Thanks Adama. I appreciate our conversation together.

Have a good evening, Troy.

[Note: the highest printed currency in the U.S. is $100.]

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dream Log 30MAR2014: University Mission

30 March dream – I was in a university complex, a gray cement building, fairly modern-looking. The walls had a vertical line pattern, for acoustics. I recall vivid blue accents, such as trim and awnings. There were two young women there, with shoulder-length hair tied back in a pony tail. We were a team, doing something we needed to do. A mission. I don’t remember the conversation, though I remembered it when I woke up this morning. It had to do with dismantling the structure of society… For some reason it all started in that microcosm of the university. It was the weakest point of the dam, so to speak.

Dream Log: 29MAR2014 "Friend of the Devil"

29 March – I was thinking about how laws place themselves between “us” and “god”.
Then I find myself in a stone chalet, with wood floors. A cozy place with a fireplace and wingback chairs. There were people there, well-dressed, it was a club of some sort. Everyone was in their early 20s. They seemed to be people of power and priviledge.
Near the fire was a gray wingback chair, and in it sat a young man with black hair, red skin and small black horns jutting out of his forehead. As I walked across the floor towards him, someone near me said, don’t do it, man! I looked at him and said, it’s okay, bud. This needs to be done. When I looked back towards the chair, the young man was not there, but I knew he was.
You have had control over this place for many years, but no longer, I said calmly. You pretend to be the master but you’re really the servant, because that’s where you place yourself – this is of your own doing. I am the master. You can go. And there’s no point in hiding, I can see your energy quite clearly.
As I said that, I could see bands of radiating energy around a blank space sitting in the chair. I felt calm and empowered (which is not how I would typically feel in such a situation!). That was the end of the dream. It felt good to do that.

The Grateful Dead’s Friend of the Devil is going through my head this morning.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy Rider: a Galactic Perspective

My personal take on Easy Rider is that it is a movie about a road trip across America. But it is also a movie about a 5th dimensional journey, embarked on by 4 of our "galactic family". The bikes are a metaphor for a galactic light ship. Anyone who sits on the bike is an "alien" (and also human).

I have not had time to connect ALL the dots in this movie, and there is yet another historic layer here...

However when they say "we failed" - this line throws a lot of people for a loop. Because they did reach their "stated" goal of experiencing Mardis Gras in New Orleans.

Well the reason they said this is that their mission involved what they talk about at the campfire - to enlighten humanity. But when they encounter "3-d" duality-based people - including getting beaten up by them -  this is when their mission fails. And the last scene (sorry for the spoilers) can be looked on as a ship crashing.

The 4 horsemen is yet another layer, because if you consider the Greek translation of the word "apocalypse" it refers to humanity's enlightenment.

I also found this to be forward-looking to "NOW" - the so-called "2012 scenario" - and also referring specifically to what we're doing within the "lightworker" community (or whatever it is you want to see it as!). Historically, it refers to the transition from the 60s and 70s, to the 80's and 90's... well you know how that went! Here we are again, and hopefully this time we will not be doomed to repeat what happened previously...

It can also be seen alongside such movies as "The Man Who Fell" which talks about a guy from another system that lands on earth, and succumbs to "3d". And also the song "Ride Captain Ride". (I'm sure you guys are familiar with this!)

So anyways, this movie pretty much sums up NOW because they talk about 1) the government coverup of our galactic family, and 2) the slavery of humanity. The "bad trip" they have represents succumbing to 3d... which includes the effects of organized religion as a "bad trip" (I thought that was a nice touch). As I said this movie is "multi-layered", and you may find other facets that resonate. In this exercise, all perspectives are valid. :-)

There are also clues to this synopsis in "The Ballad of Easy Rider" by Fairport Convention.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HAPPY DANCE - 2014 IS THE END!!!!!!!!

First of all this video pretty much sums up the last 2 years for me.

It explains why our dreamflights and meditations are important, what the Annunaki are, what we are, why there's a quarantine, etc., why sovereignty is important. Also why doing work with the ley lines grid is important - this is work that came in from Montague Keen recently. The full series is available at

I am working through the entire series... but after watching this particular video above, I felt it warranted a HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am going to put this particular video in my "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" folder... :-D

And further to this, I was thinking about a friend of mine back in Victoria, Randy Chipps. He is the hereditary chief of the Becher Bay First Nations (Indian Reservation, for those in the US), and a shaman who did some work on my friend/mentor Tibachimu / James. All of a sudden Randy popped into my head and I sent him warm memories of a hug we shared at one of the events we'd both attended, way back when. I remember it because he is a very small man but he has a ton of radiant energy, and it was a very peaceful / serene moment.

You can probably pick him out, but he is in the top left corner of the photo. :-)

He sent me a big smile and we talked about bi-location and how he is kind of sharing my mind and I am kind of sharing his. So we are both somewhat aware of each other's surroundings, and aware of each other's thoughts.

Then I kind of lost focus - there was a lot I wanted to ask him, but I was getting sleepy... but before I went to sleep I realized HOW the Dark Crystal movie connects with our reality.

The Dark Ones are made up of many different fragments of energy. They are fragmented in a similar way to the Horcrux idea of Voldemort, in Harry Potter. The reason this process seems to be taking so long is that there are so many fragments, and each fragment needs to be transmuted before it can be absorbed. Each fragment of dark energy is being sent into the sun (ATEN). It is then transmuted by the sun and sent back to us via the geomagnetic storms as "adamantine" particles. This is something that is mentioned in connection with Atlantis, and may also be known as "orgone" (but I think it is somehow different). Its color is a brown-copper color but it appears to us as blue because we are seeing the "reverse image" of it - in exactly the same way that brown on a photo negative is blue.

So, the process that is happening now is that all these fragments of dark energy are transmuted by the sun, and then sent to us to absorb that energy (the reason we have to be here now is that SOMEONE has to be here to absorb the energy). In the Dark Crystal, the energy of the dark ones in that movie were transmuted and added to those of the light ones, to create new beings of light. Whereas in the movie it was a short process because all of the dark energy was contained in a single being, in our case, we have to wait until every last fragment of dark energy is transmuted.

It's a clever ploy, I'll have to admit... but it only delays the inevitable!

Okay one more just for good measure...

HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Benevolent Warning - The Year Ahead

Now that the veil has come down, you will find that all humans will now be under the direct influence of their spirit, and will find more than ever that they are strangely compelled to positve action. 2012 laid the foundations, and the framing was erected in 2013. But like any domicile construction, this may appear an unappealing edifice without a roof, walls, a family, a community. What lies in wait for you is the equivalent of a loving family and a warm hearth, a roof over your head and much more. This will be accomplished through direct action of spirit. Those who are already aware of their path will have no trouble and will find new opportunities for spiritual upliftment. Those denying their path may become alarmed to find that the actions they find themselves unconsciously participating in seem not to be of their own doing... As if an invisible hand is controlling things behind the scenes. On the contrary it is only THEM in their newly-found entirety, yet alarmed by the actions of their higher selves, finally acting in full truth that fills their hearts. Watch a kitten sometime, chasing itself in the mirror... Are there two cats, or one?

Your newly-found abundance is part of the opportunities presenting themselves, for this is the year the pearly gates open wide to receive the Heavenly Host of Angels. Heaven is yet another shift in perspective, but there is much truth to be found when the saints come marching In (inward). And those who are considered Archons or the controllers may find themselves under the same influences and may once again be forgiven and be embraced as brothers and sisters. For a heavy heart cannot rise to heaven, but the burden will be lifted. And so the year must progress in this fashion for the energies are now aligned to support the growth of your new reality.

Peace, blessings, and godspeed. Follow your heart, and love yourself first.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker 8Dec2013: Snowflake-Nature

The question is who would want to eject us from 3d once we have gained understanding of our current position. It is something of a security system that exists, making us WANT to leave. The way of the Samurai suggests that you defeat your enemies by allowing them to defeat themselves. 

The alternatives seem bleak although we know we are limitless some progamming still has hold over us, for example the consciousness believes things need to happen at a certain pace so all those intermediary steps must happen in a certain order. So the trick is not to become 5d and manifest in 5d, but to become 3d and manifest 3d, in the same way you are used to manifesting in 5d. Accepting that all is light rather than matter is also key - we see only through the benefit of light reflecting from other sources. You have ascended to 5d through your awareness and now you are pulling 5d down to you, and down is only a relative frame of reference. Eventually you will know the benefit of imagination being realized in 3d. You are here to create a better 3d than the original creator was able to create.  Steps leading to your goal may not be immediately recognizable as being a part of that ultimate goal.

So you can see at times it is necessary to tune out non-resonant information that can lead down an alternate path to your desired goal, with the intent of providing variable experiences... The law of variation is something you all have to fight since it is harder to achieve similar paths given that an individual has already experienced it. To expect that you will follow a similar path as someone else, you are fighting your snowflake-nature. 

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker