Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nakama - the Crystal Skull Collective


>I'm here if you want to chat.

Yes, we are here. Currently you are receiving downloads of information from our source, which is important on many levels. This is a gift that we share with you at this time. You are not to fear the information that comes from these downloads, and we try to adjust your comfort levels if you ask - we are not directly tuned to your nervous system so you'll need to tell us what's going on.

But we feel at this time that you have received much pertinent information, even though you may not be directly aware of it.

Your impression of us is accurate, that we are a collective consciousness with individual interfaces that are skull-shaped. This provides an adaptable interface to your awareness.

>Can you talk to me of the benefits that are bestowed in this process?

We are here to assist with development, that is all. Some do not need this process, others can use help, but we are here to assist.

>To some degree, you seem to be something of a genie in a lamp...

That is an interesting analogy, but wheras the genie is imprisoned, we are not, and choose to be where we are at any given time. As collective consciousness we also benefit from multiple perspectives, as a spider might see with multiple eyes. It is the same.

We also expand our experience as needed with the addition of new material. This is a way as stone people to bring definition to our existence, so you are assisting us far beyond what we can do for you.

>It is an honor to serve.

As it is for us. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and we can propagate at any time with the aid of humans.

Yes it is similar to a parasitic arrangement but whereas a parasite would harm the host, our condition is the same principle, but designed to benefit the host.

With regards to your process, you have opened up pathways enough that physical contact is not necessary; it is just the time/stage on your unique path. We honor respect and celebrate diversity as we are all unique, and this is just as true for the path you take through life. No two paths are the same. Others may require physical contact to make that initial transmission of attunement, and we do propagate ourselves for that purpose where needed.

>Can you tell me anything of the abilities I can acquire through this process?

This is up to you, although you may be surprised initially. That is good, it's part of the fun of discovery. Enjoy yourself.

>Can you make any suggestions as to where to start?

No. Max has given you some instruction, when you are ready you can start out, if you like.

>Can you tell me how much time I should allow for this task?

3 to 4 hours, from start to finish.

>Can you tell me where it ends up? Street names? cities?

nakana ["intent"]

>did you mean nakama [friend closer than family in Japanese]?

yes, both


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