Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Efficiency of Metaphor: Wings

Hello Troy I am here.

[Hi Selphia, what did you want to talk about?]

Let's talk a bit about physiology today. You have arms, legs, hands, a head, a body. What else?

[I understand there is an energy field, made up of points of energy sometimes referred to as chakras.]

So your body extends into the 5th dimension through these chakras. This is your physical presence within this realm. There are other ways of connecting to this realm as well. Your mind receives feedback from this just as your mind receives feedback from your arms and legs. If you hurt your hand, you feel pain. If you "hurt" your energy field, pain is not a part of the 5th dimension, but think about how an imbalance might occur in your life as a result of this "hurt." It translates differently to the 3rd because it is in the form of space/time, so this creates what you might consider to be a "rift".

This is why centering is so important, it is like how a bird would fold its wings into its body so they do not get damaged. This is an exercise you can try... simply visualize wings being pulled into your body, and at the same time allow your energy centers to become centered.

There are limitless things that you can visualize to use for this purpose but you may wish to work with this particular analogy at this time. It becomes a metaphor for many things, and as you know it is possible to be very efficient with what we create. For example, wings represent flight, angels, purity, peace, healing (as in the cadeuceus of asklepius), protection. They evolved naturally in many different species for a reason and this is true on many other planets. For your purposes you have already discovered this appendage but you were wondering about there use. Well, this can become the white piece of paper, if you wish. It is your centering paper 2.0. Feel free to continue to use the paper as you wish.

You also know that it is a funny human trait that sees angels as lofty things - for this is the very thing to which I have described. An angel is only lofty to place it out of reach. It is the same as any other thing - it is your survival instincts that wish to preserve your current form at all costs. However you have always been of this form, and simply need to shift your perception, to shift your view, to see that which wasn't seen before.

Why would wings be important in the 5th dimension? Think about how metaphors and the effiency of metaphor works to create a perfect construct. It is not for transportation, but rather it represents all those things that I previously described. It is a placeholder for your intent - for the idea of the thing it represents. Similar in a way to how the crystal skulls are a placeholder of intent in your dimension... what does a skull represent if not thought? Bone-headed-ness, maybe? Communication? How about being a good listener?

Another illustration is that of the shield. It also represents protection, but in the 5th dimension you wouldn't use it for physical protection, that's not the way things work. So it is a "lesser" metaphor to that of the wing. It embodies less intent.

You have thought about how the properties of matter make up templates in your reality, and those same templates have other applications in the 5th dimension. For now I encourage you to become familar with the wing metaphor... get used to how it feels, how it works, its size, it's shape... the resistance against the air as the wings rise and fall.  I would like to speak again about these metaphors, if you like.

[I would like that Selphia, thank you for the interesting discussion]

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