Friday, May 24, 2013

Punting the Nile (Waking Dream)

I saw a black foot on the bottom of a wooden boat. Even the soles of the feet were black. I looked up, following the black leg up a body clothed in white Egyptian robes, and it was Anubis standing in the boat, with me, and he had a long stick in his hand, to propel us along the river.

I mentioned to him that everything seemed so real, and he looked at me in humorous ironic exasperation (I never thought I would see this look on the face of a jackal!). He said to me, it’s more real than you can imagine, but don’t be fooled by the illusion… (meaning this was just as much a myth as anything else, I suppose!)

Shall we go? He asked.

Carry on, I said.

I also had a glimpse of a thought that I could have a lot on the journey. Fill the boat with lots of good things to eat, for example… but I chose not to. I appreciated the simpler form. The real-ness of the simple wooden boat. Around me, something like the Nile River – palm trees – I don’t recall any buildings. Maybe a few small huts in the middle-distance, made of mud brick.

Where we’re going I have no idea, but it seems like it will be a pleasant journey. And I’ll put my trust in Anubis that he knows where to go.

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