Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Energetic Waves: How to Cope

Have you ever watched waves go in and out on the beach?

So this week, a big energetic wave may hit later in the week. This is the june 21 date - the solstice. Prior to that, there is a point in time where the "water" is pulled back down the beach. This is how an undertow happens - you can get pulled into the water like this. This is a "low" area. It is difficult and dangerous and "dark".

The wave is currently "gathering"....

And at the same time we are all experiencing some form of "darkness"...

So then later this week the wave will "peak".

Those of us who know how to surf, can ride the wave. Those who don't can/may get pummeled by it.

But there is also "duck diving" - a term where you glide under the wave, and nothing happens. This is the desired outcome for those who seek "balance". This can be achieved through different forms of meditation - but also carrying a portion of that meditative state with you in your daily life. This is "being in the moment".

This is not to say that you won't experience some undertow!

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