Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HAPPY DANCE - 2014 IS THE END!!!!!!!!

First of all this video pretty much sums up the last 2 years for me.

It explains why our dreamflights and meditations are important, what the Annunaki are, what we are, why there's a quarantine, etc., why sovereignty is important. Also why doing work with the ley lines grid is important - this is work that came in from Montague Keen recently. The full series is available at

I am working through the entire series... but after watching this particular video above, I felt it warranted a HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am going to put this particular video in my "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" folder... :-D

And further to this, I was thinking about a friend of mine back in Victoria, Randy Chipps. He is the hereditary chief of the Becher Bay First Nations (Indian Reservation, for those in the US), and a shaman who did some work on my friend/mentor Tibachimu / James. All of a sudden Randy popped into my head and I sent him warm memories of a hug we shared at one of the events we'd both attended, way back when. I remember it because he is a very small man but he has a ton of radiant energy, and it was a very peaceful / serene moment.

You can probably pick him out, but he is in the top left corner of the photo. :-)

He sent me a big smile and we talked about bi-location and how he is kind of sharing my mind and I am kind of sharing his. So we are both somewhat aware of each other's surroundings, and aware of each other's thoughts.

Then I kind of lost focus - there was a lot I wanted to ask him, but I was getting sleepy... but before I went to sleep I realized HOW the Dark Crystal movie connects with our reality.

The Dark Ones are made up of many different fragments of energy. They are fragmented in a similar way to the Horcrux idea of Voldemort, in Harry Potter. The reason this process seems to be taking so long is that there are so many fragments, and each fragment needs to be transmuted before it can be absorbed. Each fragment of dark energy is being sent into the sun (ATEN). It is then transmuted by the sun and sent back to us via the geomagnetic storms as "adamantine" particles. This is something that is mentioned in connection with Atlantis, and may also be known as "orgone" (but I think it is somehow different). Its color is a brown-copper color but it appears to us as blue because we are seeing the "reverse image" of it - in exactly the same way that brown on a photo negative is blue.

So, the process that is happening now is that all these fragments of dark energy are transmuted by the sun, and then sent to us to absorb that energy (the reason we have to be here now is that SOMEONE has to be here to absorb the energy). In the Dark Crystal, the energy of the dark ones in that movie were transmuted and added to those of the light ones, to create new beings of light. Whereas in the movie it was a short process because all of the dark energy was contained in a single being, in our case, we have to wait until every last fragment of dark energy is transmuted.

It's a clever ploy, I'll have to admit... but it only delays the inevitable!

Okay one more just for good measure...

HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!

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