Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Are Gods on Vacation

The religions of the world have co-opted spirit, including the spirits known as saints and angels, and it is now time for the people of the world to remove the shackles of these souls. We are no longer dependent on their blessings, which is a form of slavery. We are partners in co-creation... all of us brothers and sisters. Whether or not a spirit has the benefit of a physical presence is beside the point. To illustrate this, the National Dreamcenter pointed out that Horus has been fairly quiet / absent in the world. "Where's Horus?" Well the answer to the question is "right here". Meaning, we are all directly connected to these spirits in one way or another. We ARE them. That is not to necessarily say that we are gods... it means, from one perspective, that the gods are taking a vacation in a limited human experience!

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