Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dream log: 13APR2016 - The Chosen One

I found myself in a city / downtown area with “lower” buildings of 2 to 4 stories – few skyscrapers. It was a sunny spring day. I was with a group of friends, standing in a side street. I think this was an “alternate timeline”. Most of my friends were younger adults, around 30. I was there with my wife in that timeline, she was a young, short asian woman, pretty with a broader oval face, and curly shoulder-length brown hair. She was pregnant with our first child. There was also a taller young man with “germanic” features – sandy-brown hair / taller and skinny, and another woman I didn’t recognize, who was his girlfriend. Mid-height / American, mid-30s and brown straight hair, brown eyes. There were a few other people standing behind us.

It was just after a major economic event or catastrophe – something had happened where there were fewer people living in the city. We were discussing our son-to-be – the “Chosen One”. The question wasn’t “if” he could be the Chosen One, but how he could be the Chosen One with what was left? How would that have meaning in the future? We weren’t sure.

My two friends were getting ready to go, and for some reason they had to dress in a certain way to look imposing. They wore round, white “half helmets” with chrome visors, leaving the mouth and chin exposed. They also wore trench coats and black boots. They smiled (which made them look a bit like chipmunk astronauts) but the overall effect was impressive.

We were all comfortable and not in any kind of distress. Just “happily urgent”. There was a minor sense of danger, such as having to deal with the potential of wild animals in the wilderness.

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