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Maureen: Followup to 11 Feb 2012

[I'm here if you'd like to chat, Maureen]

[is there anything you'd like to share about last night's adventure?]


It's still somewhat painful that we connect yet memories are somewhat bleak at this point in time. I enjoyed spending time with your friends on board the Aeterna, they are a lovely group, intelligent, knowing.

Do not fear the Galactic Federation of Light. They are here to help, yet it is a fair assessment that the path of love and freewill can take a very long time to resolve, since service to self tends to be instantaneous. Patience is a virtue in this regard. It is very few who can achieve full service to others instantaneously... nurturing a relationship with the light grows strong trunks; builds strong foundations. That's what we're all about.

[can you tell me a bit about what it is I said during the lecture on the Algiz? I'd be curious to know how it is I can lecture those who have such a strong foundation of knowledge...]

At this point I would say it is more coordination.

The short version of history and the long version of history is as you say of the same duration. It is just that there are ways of telling the same story with fewer words. You are correct that both versions of history are exactly of biblical proportions; the book you were referring to is in fact the "template" of history, which is what the Bible refers to. History itself, measured in time, is a long, long, long amount of time. History as a template is roughly 4,000 years, give or take. The template of history is what God created, not history itself. So the thing that you were talking about was this template of history, understanding that at any point in time, you can find yourself in the same part of the template of history. Imagine if you had such a book in your hands right at this moment? I suppose it wouldn't do you much good unless you also had at your disposal a time machine. So you could drop into a familiar part of the template of history, and you would see aspects of that template playing out before you, and you would know what happens next simply because of your familiarity with that template.

Now as to our growing fleet of Light Ships, everyone here is pleased with these connections. There are we see many similarities to Avatar, another template. And the creator of that film did say he superimposed his ideas on top of another template of history, which was itself a template of another history. And so on...

I should clarify that the Bible does not describe this template, only aspects of the template... you would have to fit the jigsaw puzzle together another way to fit the template that God created.

This does not make history any less interesting, however it provides fresh perspective to know that you are simply re-playing that which others have played out before you. It might make you pause to seek out another way. There are infinite timelines but only one that your focus can follow. And each of these timelines are based on the template of history.

As you mentioned with your dream in medieval times, war is somewhat pointless, it is more playing out a specific template over and over again. There may be different technologies and different uniforms but the underlying template is the same. You would think that technology would play a larger role in modifying that template but there are still soldiers and there are still victims. Go back several thousand years and the same template plays itself out. Ten thousand years, the template is the same. A hundred thousand years, it's the same. So the only escape from this template is to stop fighting!

The work you've been doing with mandalas is quite interesting because you can see how you can slice the template another way to create a fresh version of reality. It's just another perspective but can yield some interesting insights... since there is only one template, so you can better see how that template might fit together. And look at that, it also breaks down the template, yet it also tries to fit back together. It tries to heal itself.

I enjoyed our conversation on the Aeterna too, Troy, it was just like old times! :-) You will remember more soon, your work is leading you down this path, I think we will have several opportunities to meet again.

[I would like that Maureen, thank you.]

Thank you Troy, and goodnight.


Notes - this is a little difficult for me to understand, but I feel the idea is that if all unique events of the template were added up they would fit into about 4,000 years... if that makes any sense.


  1. Thank you, dear Maureen :) Thank you, Dear friend Troy! I am wordless...WONDERFUL I needed this proof!Love and Light!

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    February 13, 2012 @ 1:31 pm [Edit]

    What a great conversation, Troy! Do you think the way you and Maureen use the word “template” is similar to an “archetype”? I’d like to know more, because it could start to sound like pre-destination, which I know is not the intent… but then that’s probably just my post-Presbyterian POV!

    It reminds me of a “story” that I had in my head for years, which was beginning to turn into a novel… Over the years, there were several versions, but they all somehow ended up being quite similar… Sort of like all roads leading to enlightenment…

    Then, a few years ago I was shocked to hear in a reading (before I learned to connect directly), that I needed to have a conversation with my “brother”, and when the reader mentioned what I *thought* was a fictional name, I was really jolted… I still don’t know if I created him, or was half-remembering him… :)

    February 13, 2012 @ 4:35 pm [Edit]

    Yes I think it could be very similar to the idea of an “Archetype”, although I think the concept can be applied to anything. Archetype refers I think more to people, used for psychological analysis. Whereas there are also physical templates, such as snowflakes, and now temporal templates, dealing with history. Each thing can be “skinned” a million different ways; the snowflake is a very simple example of this. So it is not so much pre-destination as it is the building blocks of our reality.

    At the root of this is the idea that God is basically just a lazy programmer… :-D

  3. Thanks so much, DW! My phone with those verification letters is a total fail! :D