Saturday, February 25, 2012

Past Lives – by Leslee Hare

(thank you again Leslee for this lovely reading!)
(I am sharing this with permission from all concerned :-) )

[from Lhamo Dorje and Teo’Na]
As for “previous” lives:
[to Leslee;]
Troy did leave you to die once, for you let wapum (wampum) come between you…
(Just seeing whether you – Leslee – resist characterizing dramatically, when you let the raw memory come through, instead of waiting on words. We will try this method more soon.)

This is a story in which you fought together as braves and brothers. Kionah (Leslee) was wearing a breastplate of “wampum” and threw himself in front of his younger brother Aepwae (Wes), to stop the “bullets”. The wampum didn’t work. Aepwae and Kionah both died on the battlefield, and their youngest brother Achemo (Echeamo?) (Troy) had to be pulled away from the scene by the older men. It could not be helped… you all fought bravely, and knew that this battle was the last chance you had to take back your lands.

This happened when you were surface-dwellers, in the time before Atlantis fell (but you were not in Atlantis, you were in what is now Northern Ireland.)
In Telos, you and Troy were colleagues, and you were “astronomers”. You studied the floating bodies in the voids of Telos, and used your psychic abilities to locate ones that were in enclosed cavities. You also ventured out to the surface to observe the “heavens” and noted the parallel relationships between inner and outer orbiting bodies. These lifetimes began 200 years ago, and continue into this continuum, but you are both quite “physically” frail now and venture only mentally. Your names are Adama and Celus. For fun, see if the two of you guess the same as to which of you is whom.

Adama and Celus, since they are near the end of this cycle, are in the process of transferring their knowledge and training to Troy and Leslee, to continue and carry across dimensions. This is why you are both drawn so powerfully to the work you’re doing now.
Troy is also Tuyim (“Tim” in GR), and Leslee is Merhea (“Maria” in GR). You are currently companions on a spaceship in orbit around Gaia. Please look for GR readouts related to this, and post them on BUTTA under the new category “ASTRAL”. Please view your respective transmissions as conversation between Tuyim, Merhea, Troy and Leslee.
On the moon Europa, you have shared a lifetime together as father and daughter. This is one of many lifetimes that Troy, Steffie, Baba and Leslee have shared together as a family. This is why you feel such a strong connection to the movie Avatar. That story is mostly channeled semi-consciously by its (original) author who lived there with you (not James Cameron). The story that made it into the movie is a template that is enacted by many on Europa, as a spiritual training. It is sort of like a shared dream, the key roles being assumed and shared by numerous souls/minds in conjunction. This is why this movie is so powerful for so many in your current culture. Troy is most familiar with the role of the chief/father, Leslee is most familiar with the role of the interloper/catalyst.
Lastly for now, we send another strong image to Leslee and Troy, rather than words. Picture a vast, open hillside field of tall grass and large soft yellow wildflowers. Two people, young father and daughter, sit together talking among the flowers, teaching each other. The daughter teaches the father about the flowers, from memories still fresh from in between lifetimes, to remind him. The father teaches about gravity and limitation of physical bodies, based on his experience so far in this lifetime. This happens telepathically, and there is much laughter and joy.
Please understand that these illustrations are all: past, present and future. You both have similarly beautiful ranges of stories with your “current” earth families now. If permission is granted, you will someday be able to retrieve them as well. For now, simply trust that they “exist”.

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