Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aeterna: the Easter and DNA Templates

Aeterna... Aeterna...

This is a unique opportunity for those of you who are participating in this event to provide blessings and healings for those who may need these at this time. You are also taking advantage of the energies surrounding the Easter of the christ-consciousness, the chaos event that lead to ascension. A point seen as an end which was also a beginning. Does this template sound familiar? Perhaps a template for the transition now.

There is a great deal of energy associated with this event, and in this year you can take full advantage of these energies. We (the galactic light ships) can be used to harvest this energy and focus it on specific individuals and affect humanity as a whole. We are attuning our specific elements and crystals towards this purpose as we speak. Adamantine particles from the sun combine with these elements to tune your DNA and take fuller advantage of what your scientist have incorrectly termed "junk", it is simply that they do not see the pattern/template that governs this DNA, without these encoding mechanisms it appears as junk but this is far from the case. So too an encrypted message will be unintelligible to all but those to whom the message is intended.

When the pattern is discovered it will be found that the double-helix DNA is accompanied by other patterns. More strands, there are templates out there that resemble what it is that you seek. And so the implication of this is that your double DNA pattern has in fact been structured in a different way from what you have been taught all along.

As you know these holidays are symbolic in other ways. For example an easter egg might also be interpreted as the russian nesting doll, or the template of inner earth. As you have discovered this can also be used as a symbol for discovering elements of the unknown. A genesis of discovery, if you will. So the symbol of the start of life is also a symbol for the start of discovery of elements of the unknown. You may visualize this symbol to invoke the energies involved in the process of self-discovery and the inner world of the many dimensions of existence.

Thank you, we will see you tonight, if you wish. Aeterna


Update 4/9/2012 - I asked Aeterna what the DNA template might be. The answer I received was "CENTER, SPIRAL, WINGS." The visual I received was "Caduceus", as well as the word "Asklepios."

What this ties into, is the Galactic Light Ship keywords for each of three ships. The GLS Algiz has the keyword "CENTER." The GLS Blaze has the keyword "SPIRAL." The Aeterna's keyword is "WINGS." These keywords can be used to access the ships, either through astral travel, telepathy, or dreams.

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  1. Dear Troy, I have something to add to this wonderful discovery
    Center - Heart - NOW, the activation of the heart chakra and feeling Oneness, the developing into Christ Consciousness leads through the SPIRAL of evolution to the beginning of further development and activation of our WINGS - Angelic Selves and opens the way to live our Divinity

    Thank you so much, Aeterna & Troy