Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turning OcaTaWa (Dream)

I was studying at my parent's place, I was younger (grade 12). I was studying for geology, and was studying with a friend (a guy) with black hair, somewhat curly, medium-length hair.
I showed him the crystal OcaTaWa, and pointed out the cave structure inside it. I mentioned how the cave looked like a real cave.
As I turned it counter-clockwise a quarter-turn in my hand, the crystal became a miniature civilization, we could see the village buildings, they were still small but the formations in the crystal looked more like buildings.
Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and the city came more into focus...
Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and we could see a civilization, complete with skyscrapers and dome-shaped skylights at the tops of the buildings. The overall color of the civilization was a gray color, like it was on the moon.
Then I opened up a picture encyclopedia book (similar to what my son has, the book of knowledge), and the book contained a pictorial description of many different galactic civilizations. I opened the book up to the page that showed the particular civilization that OcaTaWa was showing us (it was the same view we saw from OcaTaWa), and the book said that the inhabitants were an insectoid population with wings, they looked similar to the "Genosians" in Star Wars. They were an enlightened and friendly people, not to be feared.
It was getting late so my friend decided to sleep on the couch.
That was the end of the dream.

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