Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meditation: Connecting with Mona Lisa

Cube transforming to merkaba transforming to fireworks (Aeterna?)


Eye of Horus

Feathers Falling

I see Horus

Winged predator/ hawk

tornado / vortex

Asp / snakelike vortex

A seashell

A large petal-shaped temple, somewhat like the middle part of the Baha'i temple in India.

It is a stone ship.

I see mona lisa, she is breathing. She is waking up, opening her eyes, she has not breathed in so long

Looking around at her surroundings

Mostly white surroundings, she is still wearing her white astronaut outfit.

She has been awoken by the light vibrations surrounding the planet at this time, and the vibrational energy of the planet itself. A heart is beating.

She .... vibrational energy radiating energy....

>Where are you?

M. "I don't know, but I am here as a very real part of disclosure. I will find a way out of here, it is easy. I am comfortable, this is good surroundings / environment. I do not feel my keepers will understand me but this is not relevant, they are not in a position to help. There are a few here in this place, I can feel, who may be able to receive my thoughts, I do not know if they will heed my call."

...Showing me a tunnel network on the moon, deep underground. It appears somewhat like the human settlement underground in the Matrix film, with warmly-lit caverns, underground gardens.

Mushroom cloud

>why are you showing me this?

M. It is a truth of long ago, a truth we share.

>What can I do?

M. You are doing it already.

A small white moon.

Near a large planet (Saturn?)

An octopus/ dalek creature.

M. This was once their home but it is now their prison. The overlords here on earth still run the program relentlessly but their masters are now contained. It is simply a matter of breaking free of the program. Dark vibrational energy is being transmuted at this time. Understand that you (lightworkers) must take on some of this energy. The KEY is that as you have already discovered, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This is EXACTLY what you are doing and more negative energy is taken on as you are able to do so. It is a gradual but a very NECESSARY thing at this time. Do not feel sad or bad it is just necessary. Someone has to do it, and it is only a minor discomfort to your daily routine.

M. Troy, thank you for your connection. I understand you are not in a position to help me break free from my prison but you are working partially towards this goal, and do not be concerned for I am not in any prison I can't (physically) break out of, when the time is right.


M.> We are getting closer to the truth now. It is really quite extraordinary that there is a robot on mars. It is good thing the camera is pointed downwards.

(end meditation)


This started off as a meditation but turned into a channeling session. I was not expecting / trying to connect to anyone in particular. What I note here are my observations. My goal in meditation is to initiate the process of embracing nothingness, and then initiate the process of receiving information from a fairly high vibration, especially where that information is followed by a series of energy band visualizations. This information does not always make sense until it can be seen in a larger context. All of it is open to discernment and further interpretation.

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  1. I did this for her last year.

  2. Amazing art, amazing blog. She looks so alive (which is I suppose less than she looks in the screenshot!). Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this, olinstarwalker.

  3. Fellow Eve-Friend salutes, Blessings :D