Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silver Surfer and Santa Muerte

During a waking dream before going to sleep, I received a “call” last night. I was asked to help. I wasn’t told what it was but I agreed to help. So then I saw a triangle, followed by a circle of white light, which morphed into a tunnel. I followed the tunnel and I eventually found myself at the other end of it as the silver surfer. I was standing on a surfboard in space. My role was to round up some asteroids, and then put them in the earth’s ocean to become a coral habitat. The asteroids weren’t that big. The coral bloomed as soon as I placed the asteroid material where they needed to go. I’m not sure if this was earth or some other planet.

Then I shifted focus and saw Death standing above me. Hey there Santa Muerte, how’s it going? Death morphed into the angelic woman (I could still see her “death” form) and she thanked me for my help.

Later I had a dream and I was talking to the Ascended Masters about the success of the ascension process and how Lightworkers played an important role in this process, along with two other more mundane things which I forget now. People were openly talking about Lightworkers, it was still a new concept but it was a household word / idea.


Image Credit: Dio de los muertos by Kelly Ashcraft

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