Monday, November 5, 2012

A Response (Athabantian Awake!)

I feel things have indeed been "flat-lining" for many of us from an energy perspective. But that in itself is rather extraordinary since it indicates a strong collective consciousness in an interconnected way with many of our soul-group family, both human and galactic. This can be a difficult thing as "individuals" to accept since we each value our own individuality; we may fear losing ourselves in the ocean of collective thought. Yet there is a realization for those who wish to embrace it, that our connection to each other enhances our daily lives in very significant ways. This goes beyond shared experiences. It is partnership and teamwork, often without our even realizing it.

I have heard one perspective that is it not the completion of ascension for many but the initiation of this process, and that ascension is a never-ending process of discovering the story of who we are. Considering such an exciting storyline, do we truly want this story to end? This may simply involve being the best YOU you can be, whatever that may be: it may include past lives, or other lives in the present (we have many going on right now...), or only this present life you're in, right this moment. I think God is probably sitting on his la-z-boy recliner with a big bucket of popcorn having a grand old time, seeing how his children fill the many little black boxes sitting on his coffee table, and occasionally participating in that story, whatever story (every story) he chooses to participate in. It's all good. :-)

With Love,

Dreamwalker/Troy/Cloes/Umbro/Raven/Horus (etc.)



Adrial: Athabantian Awake!

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