Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Forgetting Device: Identification

In my meditation I asked to understand the nature of the Forgetting Device. This is the device that is used in our solar system to prevent the retention of memories between lifetimes. The device was somewhat damaged at some point in recent history, so that some past-life memories are retained.

As I closed my eyes I saw a "personal gps system". A ring with a small blue arrow pointing in a certain direction. What I "saw" was simply a dark ocean, but the virtual GPS was pointing in a certain direction, so I followed it.

I continued through the dark night for a short amount of time, and was planning on giving up my search when I noticed that the GPS turned strong green and there was also a secondary red color. Okay, I'll follow that and see where it leads.

The green and red morphed into the flashing wing lights of an aircraft.

This is the forgetting device?

What I saw next was a large grey triangle superimposed over the aircraft, the idea was to hit the aircraft with triangle energy multiple times, just like in a video game. So I did - pew!pew!pew!pew!pew!

After about 30 seconds of this the aircraft changed into this large hole in time/space. Inside the hole was this large plant-like thing that looked a bit like a cross between an aloe plant and a fern (or maybe a basket star). The stems radiated from a center point at ground level, and from the stems were leaves that looked more like ostrich feathers. It was purple, and emitted a sound similar to a radio controlled toy car motor (a somewhat high-pitched whine). So this thing was plant-like in appearance but was not organic - it was made only of energy.

I understood this to be a fairly ancient plant from another star system that was engineered specifically for the purpose of blocking memories. In in its natural form it was smaller and brown - its natural sound (what is produced by the "feathers" rubbing together, like a cricket) had been adjusted to a specific harmonic frequency.

I have now located this device, and there are others like it. Each one creates a psionic/harmonic network around whatever planet they happen to be on.

So the question now is... what to do with it? My preference would be to remove this device - but energy cannot be destroyed. So these "plants" might be relocated... but where?

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  1. Funny you mentioned the radio toy car sound. I had a dream of this sound last week. You know how you may hear certain things in your sleep and the dreamscape tries to make up some scenario to relate to the sound. Well Im guessing this is the sound i was hearing but my mind made up some scenario about some one playing with a remote control car that seemed to be going bad, you know the sound they make when you turn the wheels left and right. It was just doing this over and over.