Sunday, August 21, 2011

Portal Training, Part 2

By Dreamwalker

This is not channeling or a dream... perhaps it's "lucid dreaming?" I'm wide awake, but things play out inside my head...

Anyhow, last night at around 1:00 am I had another training session with Adama.

I was inside the room in my house (inside my head) that has several picture frames in it. The picture frames contain images of other places. I have been previously instructed that these picture frames are portals to other places... the places that they represent.

So last night Adama showed me one picture frame in particular that led to a small white room with a small oval mirror in it.

So I look in the mirror and nothing's there, it's just gray.

"See if you can see a reflection of yourself." (Adama)

I look, and I see a white glowing ball.

"Okay, now try seeing a reflection of your physical self." (Adama)

I look, but the mirror's just gray.

"Show me my physical self."

I see a broken mirror, with blue eyes and blonde hair staring back at me (I can't see the rest because the mirror is broken).

"That's what I want to be. Show me who I truly am."

A raven stands before the mirror, but the mirror is gray.

"Hmm... is that me?"

"That is an aspect of you, yes." (Adama)

I still can't see myself in the mirror, it's still gray.

"Okay... let's try this: Show me my Highest Christed Consciousness."

I see my physical self in the mirror. I'm smiling back at myself. I'm clean-shaven (which I am currently not!) but otherwise it's me.

"Congratulations! You can now see yourself in the mirror!" (Adama)

The experience ends, and I sleep.

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