Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meeting Adama in Telos

Last night (July 29, 2011) before going to bed I made a statement of intent to astral travel. And I dreamed that I was in a place with white buildings, with a path running between them, 1950′s / "greek revival" architecture. There was this large dragon statue there, and it transformed into this sparkling doorway of energy. The statue was near a wall with some other plaques and smaller statues, kind of like a very small graveyard. A little way behind me was a group of people dressed in robes, and ADAMA was there, just as he is in the pictures you see of him on the web. This is the first time I have physically met him, and it was just as real as we are.

As I approached him I said, hey Adama come here I’d like to show you something. Sure Troy, let’s go see. So we followed the path back to where the dragon statue was and I said hm, it’s around here somewhere! Then I looked and it had shrunken down to a foot high. But the gate was still there, and Adama told me it can be used any time to go there.



Here’s what the statue looked like but it was made of stone, and more stylized (less detail):

Dragon: Ability to move between worlds, power of fire, protector, represents the connection of the birth of the Universe, exists between the thoughts, longevity, wisdom, infinite. The Red Dragon lives in the center of the Earth.

I found an image of what the portal I saw in Agartha looked like:

“blue apples”… from Rennes Le Chateau


  1. What a great experience. It feels like a passage forward to me.

  2. Thanks for your comment unearth9, it feels that way to me too!