Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Energy, Ascension, Merlin

>Anyone there who wishes to chat?

Hello Troy this is Selphia.

>Is there anything you'd like to talk about? Can you tell me a bit about current events?

This is part of a process and as you know much of what you see is different from what transpires behind the scenes. Do not be alarmed by anything that is happening; it is all part of a greater plan to ensure humans will live in abundance. In fact some casualty numbers have been fabricated by the dark ones to scare other revolutions from taking place. These have mostly been peaceful although there has been some violence. It is unfortunate that these beings are required to create chaos but this too is part of the awakening process. Some will lay down their lives so that enlightenment may occur. They have a soul-understanding of what is required to energize humanity. In some cases it is violence, in other cases it is chaos, in other cases it is love, and other cases it is the collection of information.

You should explore the roles more, this is an interesting line of thought. We all work with energy in some way; it is light and is easily manipulated. This is technology your planet has but does not capitalize on at this time as much as it could. Certainly more and more people are learning to utilize this energy but devices can also tap into this energy. For example the library here taps into information light energy. There is also crystal energy that can be used to energize and store, as well as attune. You have seen flashes on the horizon that has been part of Gaia's attunement process. This is something we also have been participating in; providing attunement for an entire planet is similar to that of a human being but each merkaba/chakra needs to be slowly brought back online, focused, and cleansed. This is a much slower process for gaia than it would be for a human being but even humans can take time to energize. And I know that many of you on the surface have been participating in this process and it gives us much joy to see this taking place as a team effort with you.

The ascension process is not something to be feared and from your point of view it is actually quite easy. You will not sprout wings and fly, you will not grow and extra head, you will not burst into flames. I am reiterating this because there is still fear surrounding this process. But if you think about it ascension just means rising up. So you are raising your comprehension of the world around you, and taking new forms of information in that would not have been possible or available in other times. It is an evolutionary process and your brain is being bombarded by new information and so it expands to accomodate this. But in this case the information expands outwards into the higher realms as well.

By reaching into these realms with your mind you are connecting with them. That's really all there is to it. There is no hocus pocus; you just have to put your mind through its paces, and be patient. Some old minds resistant to change will be harder to shift than others but centering is an easy thing to do that can help with this. Saying prayers can be another way of centering that is familar with some but to be effective they should extend their repertoire to other traditions, break out of the mold so to speak. If Christian, seek Buddhist wisdom and prayers, for example. Or simply substitute words within your prayers for other words, for example instead of saying "God" say "Great Spirit", instead of saying "Jesus" say "Muhammad". It's quite an easy way to expand your consciousness and understanding, and combats the trap that the fundamental religion lays before you. Put yourself into your comfort zone and then get yourself out of it!

Did you know that the Templars experienced a similar expansion with the crusades, which is why the Crusades happened in the first place. In darkness (chaos) comes light. They experienced another way of life as they lived and fought amongst muslim cities. They tasted new foods and enjoyed new stories. It was those providing peaceful support to the crusaders that provided them with a means to become enlightened to a new way of life and a new way of thinking.

Moving sideways a bit, Merlin and Arthur were indeed both Ascended Masters and they did indeed make a great team. They were in the place that they were to create an opportunity to understand democracy in some fairly dark times. Of course democracy existed in other forms, but it was introduced here as an early taste of what was to come.

I always enjoy talking to you, Troy, have a great evening!

>Thank you Selphia, and you have a great evening too!

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