Friday, July 8, 2011

Adama - Corporate Media

(From a portion of a conversation with Adama)

There is also a time of change coming soon, Troy, be ready.

>What should I be ready for?

These are changes that are happening from the top-down; as the "trickle-down" theory has created such distress, it will now reverse flow and trickle-down in another way. This will be good for society as a whole but the media will paint it in a different light. Whatever they say, you know that the opposite will be true.

>As always.

Yes indeed! Well the trouble is that the corporate media has painted themselves into a corner. They don't cover the news anymore so they're really just creating their own reality. They will find soon that this reality will cease to be, since it has no foundation other than in their own imaginations.

The organizations that serve the public good [I hear organizations like the BBC] will continue serving, but with minor shifts in how they do business. This will be beneficial since there will be less chance of skewing than there is now.

>Thank you Adama, I appreciate your advice.


  1. Hi Troy! How are you doing? Just want to let you know that your question of a few days ago made me move! So I created a page with only my personal articles and writings and videos.
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  2. Hi again.. I meant you don't like facebook, not my videos! Sorry for confusion. I emailed u my 2 newest vids, but I don't think you checked your email for a while..?

    Oh, since you don't like Facebook, I set up for you and others a NEW BLOG!! LOL

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    No articles on current affairs from me there, that also is part of repair the past to compaire the future!

    Have a super day! Love and light