Monday, July 11, 2011

Selphia - Balancing a Coin

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat.

Hello, Troy, how are you.

>Hi Selphia, how are things going today?

Things are going fine today. You would enjoy swimming in the ocean here. It is alive.

If you want to understand the finer points of spiritual development, take a coin and look at both sides. How are they the same? How are they different? Now, take the coin and place it on its side.  Stand it up. Are you able to balance the coin? Does it fall to one side or the other? Now, pick the coin up and try again. Try it a few times until you can pick the coin and place it without the coin falling.

You are feeling the same that it is a tight rope walking act of balance. But notice that with the coin there neither side is positive or negative - it's just heads and tails. Sometimes on your path the coin will balance, sometimes it will fall to heads and sometimes to tails. You will feel good with a positive fall, or bad with a negative fall, but really there is no good or bad, it is all just perception.

You will also notice that it is difficult to stand the coin on its edge every time. Sometimes the coin will fall. So your goal is to balance the coin every time, but of course in your path initially the coin will fall more often one way or another. As you learn to balance and center the coin will fall less often.

>Thank you Selphia, that makes a lot of sense.

Have a great day Troy!

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  1. Hi Troy, just wanted 2 let you know my third message from SaLuSa is now out as well!! hope all good!
    Namaste, Laura