Friday, July 15, 2011

The End of Man's Domain

By Dreamwalker

I was looking around me in the NOW and realizing how accurate it is to say that this is a "masculine" energy cycle. Drive around any city and look around you.

Look at a golf course. It says "this is Man's Domain."

Look at the buildings. "This is Man's Domain."

Look at the malls, the streets, the open spaces. "This is Man's Domain."

Everywhere around you, your environment has been modified by Man (masculine energy) to express its dominion. There is grass being mowed by someone. Trees sculpted to resemble something they're not. Large areas of highway designed to meet the needs of Man's design. Planters to fit nature into a smaller, controlled space.

So how would our surroundings be different if they were to reflect feminine energy? How would they be different if they were to reflect oneness with Gaia?

Would our surroundings be more natural, more random? Would they be less "sculpted" or "controlled" and more "grown"? Would they reflect the need to facilitate natural process rather than mechanical design? How about other creatures within that space? Would habitat be encouraged that would better meet their needs?

Changing even one part of our environment would have an impact on the whole. For example, eliminate roads and you have less roadkill. Eliminate golf courses and you have more natural habitat. Eliminate street lights and you see more stars.

I believe that as we transition to a new age, Man will voluntarily create a civilization that better reflects harmony with gaia. It is a creative organic process that may take many years to develop, but the fact that it is creative and organic is key to how it develops.

So for me, I have no specific vision for the future other than that it be creative and organic in a way that reflects harmony with Gaia, rather than in opposition to it. This is perhaps a greater challenge than simply bending our surroundings to our will, and is an extension of environmental impact assessments that are already becoming a critical part of any new undertaking.

The end result, I believe, is that our surroundings become a tool for uplifting our spirit, rather than simply a place to satisfy our basic wants and needs.

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