Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ego Training

Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker
Adama and Selphia of Telos

>I am here if anyone wants to chat.

Hello Troy, how are you doing this evening?

>I am fine Selphia, how are you? I feel you are there with Adama this evening.

(Adama) I am here Troy, it is always nice to chat with you.

I really have nothing to ask tonight, I feel I'm in "support mode" for others currently.

(Adama) you are indeed Troy. It is an important role to play to support those who need it most. You become their eyes and ears when they are focused forward, you can cover their rear, so to speak.

(Selphia) I have enjoyed watching the progress of your friends; an interesting development but everything is on schedule. You may have noticed things "heating up" in the media and this is as they should.

(Adama) I think as things progress humanity will benefit. You are wise to use discernment to handle fear-based messages, thoughts, and feelings. It is simply another way to control you into triggering your ego into play.

Your ego serves a specific purpose but telling you how to act can conflict with your intuition. Trust it and it will serve you well. It takes practice but now you are becoming more aware of its influence and can view the signals from ego with a more discerning eye. That ancient flight instinct is something you can pick up on. Instinct versus intution can sometimes be a matter of life and death so there are times when ego has an important role to play. But you can also use the benefit of time to slow things down, and know when it is time to fly and when it is time to relax. You felt it today with the dog, a very powerful feeling, and yet there was nothing to fear, and your intuition told you this. You also noticed time slow down briefly and this is ego and intuition coming into play together.

(Selphia) You certainly have a way with words, Adama... It's a feeling that you have to trust, but it's also a trigger that will let you play with time.

>What other elements are involved in this process?

(Adama) Temporal, pineal (third eye), intuitive, higher self. Instinctive plays a role as I mentioned as well.

(Selphia) As you may have noticed this process is already second nature to you, but many of these things that you TRY to do at the moment you will fail because your ego has a firm grasp of your reality.

(Adama) This process is tricky at first because you are doing something that your ego tries to correct. It is trying to fit time back into its evenly measured portions, yet time is simply a perception. It is based on a lie.

>Well Adama time is based roughly on our planet's revolution around the sun, is it not?

(Adama) And has been doing so for millions of years before time was invented! Do goldfish wear wristwatches? Of course not! And yet they exist.

>I think they'd probably have trouble making the wristwatch that small...

(Selphia) Think of the tiny little buckles!

(Adama) haha, well yes... and you see you society has indeed started to move away from wearable time pieces because time is becoming passe. It is no longer needed to progress through life. And you might imagine a Jedi warrior would have no use for a wristwatch because he instinctively knows the time. Instinct (ego) can be used in this fashion; you can actually build aspects of your ego to serve a useful purpose, rather than simply letting it run wild over your emotions. And so it becomes a time-keeper... give it a job to do so it doesn't interfere in other aspects of your life.

>That's a very interesting perspective, Adama - like devoting cycles of a computer processor to a specific task.

(Adama) Exactly.

(Selphia) Well Troy you should get off to bed my dear, but enjoy the rest of your evening. Perhaps we can connect in the dreamworld at some point.

>I would like that very much. Many thanks to both of you. I appreciate our chats.

(collectively) As do we, Troy. Good night.

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  1. Wonderful Troy!! posting this on Indy Infos!! love you. Laura