Friday, August 5, 2011

Portal Training with Adama (A Lucid Dream)

Last night I had a lucid dream, where I'm wide awake but things play out as if they were a dream, inside my head. The visual is not as clear as it would be in a dream; it's more like remembering something that happened to you. I was thinking about the dream I had a few nights ago...

(Me) So Adama, that portal I saw in Agartha... where is the other side of the portal? Is it here (meaning on earth somewhere)?

(Adama) Let me show you...

I see a room upstairs in my "dream" house (the house I visualize when I think of a house). This is a small room in the house, dimensions a little larger than a hallway, and the walls are painted red. Along the wall that I'm facing are 5 paintings with elaborately carved gold-painted frames, except as I look at them, the paintings are 3-dimensional. They are very similar to the paintings seen in the Harry Potter series, a representation of a completely self-contained world (except there were no people in them).

The gate that I had seen in Agartha was the middle painting. It's a gate with pastel-colored points of light, sitting in the side of a building, outside, surrounded by different statues (including a small dragon statue to the left of it). To the right of it was a painting of a similar gate, except the gate was lying horizontally on the bottom of the ocean floor. The far left painting was a spiral staircase in a stone castle, lit with warm, yellow candlelight. The stone was a beige color.

(Adama) Watch this...

A white outline of a person materialized inside the middle painting, in front of the gate in Agartha. This outline wasn't really a ghost, but a ghost-image of a person, similar to how in video games they create a "ghosted" avatar for instructional purposes (i.e. to show you what to do and how to do it). The avatar moved from the Agartha painting, out into the room, and into the painting to the left of it.  I don't remember what was in this painting.

(Adama) This time I'd like you to follow it.

The avatar was outside the painting to the far left, the castle stairwell. So I followed the avatar into the painting, down the spiral staircase, and this led into an underwater chamber underneath the ocean. The scene was just like the painting I saw earlier to the right of the Agartha gate. A gate lying horizontally on the ocean floor. Immersed in water, I walked up to the gate. As I stood at the location of the gate, air replaced water and a large bubble of air then became air all around me, and replaced the water. At that instant I found myself standing outside the paintings, in the red-painted room inside my dream house.

That was the end of the lucid dream.

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  1. Thank you dear friend for sharing this with all of us. Blogged on Indy. Namaste. Laura