Monday, October 10, 2011

Flight Training 101 (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker

I was walking through a town with a group of boys, all about 12 years old. The town had a german/ norweigian feel to it, a harbor town with a river feeding to a sea. On the other side of the river I could see a white norweigian castle on top of of the rocky hill of the same gray rock that the town was built on.

As we walked through the town I jumped down to sit cross-legged on the sidewalk and discovered that I briefly floated before landing on the pavement. At the same time, time around me slowed as I tried to cushion my fall. Wow! This is just like Peter Pan! So I tried again, this time floating for a longer time, and I could hold myself there. We arrived back at the cedar chalet we were staying at, and I showed my trick to the other boys. Pretty neat! I was the only one in our group, but they were enthusiastic and encouraging.

Back outside, I tried flying. This time it was slightly higher off the ground, about 4 to 5 feet, and I glided chest first, arms out, again like Peter Pan. As I tried to take more control of the flight process and the dream, I left the dream. Why do I always get kicked out just as I take conscious control?


  1. This is so cool, Troy, how did I miss this one? Do you feel this is in Telos?

  2. In truth, I really don't know where these dreams are taking place... I assume either Telos or Agartha, somewhere in "inner earth". All I know for sure is that Physics definitely functions differently in this place...