Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goldie the Goldfish

>Goldie, are you there?

That is not my name, my name is Akamai

(Akamai is a Hawaiian word meaning smart or intelligent with connotations of insightful or wise or skillful, I had to look it up)

>Akamai, it is wonderful to connect with you... we miss your presence.

I have indeed accomplished what it was I was there to accomplish. Time to move on, time is short!

>Will you be incarnating with me or my family again?

No, I have other business, but you can call on me any time you like, Troy. I enjoy the energy of you and your family.

>Why do you say time is short?

Time is short not for me but for the opportunities on your plane that provide that which we require at this time.

>Have you ever incarnated with me or my family before?

I knew your younger son once, as a friend.

>As a human friend?


>What was your purpose in your most recent incarnation as a goldfish?

You already know, it was to show that spirit transcends the physical condition to which we are assigned for further growth. You found the intelligence in me, and that was a part of my purpose was to show you that. It was also my purpose to show your family empathy. It was also to enjoy being a goldfish. Life is simple in this form, it's something of a holiday.

>Were you sad when my son's aquasaurs died?

Well you see yes indeed I was and it was as you surmised what ultimately killed me. In this form this is how energy works either to our advantage or our disadvantage.

>I also felt that you wouldn't be with us for very long, even though goldfish typically live for 40 or 50 years.

In ideal situations yes, although my time was my time, not your time. It was my decision to let the force of what happened overwhelm me so I could continue on with my journey in the time that I have left in your reality. You see I also demonstrated that mortality is entirely in our hands, it is entirely our choice. If you are no longer interested in growth in this way (referring to reincarnation), then it is up to you to grow in other ways. This as you know can be an approach that has strengths and weaknesses to it, no more so than any other.

I also gave you a gift to let you know I was going. Use it well.

>What gift are you referring to?

When I passed from my physical frame, I gave you some of my life-force... energy has to go somewhere and usually it returns from where it came. But it all ends up as source so it can be gifted to others because it will eventually return. It is simply borrowed energy; you are just borrowing it for a longer period of time. You will feel tired for some time as your body adjusts to the new energy, but I thought you could use it for your journey.

>I honestly never thought that energy could be used in this way.

I really appreciate the time I spent with you and your family, Troy. Consider it partial payment for services rendered!

>Well I accept your gift with grace and appreciation, although none was expected. I feel we both benefited much from our experience together.

As we did, there is much truth in this.

>Your true name is fitting, Akamai, I definitely felt intelligence when I watched you swim.

Thank you, Troy

>I'll talk to you soon.

As you wish. En-joy life!


Goldie/Akamai was the family pet goldfish for two years, and passed away on Saturday the 15th of October at around 10:00 pm. I know the time Goldie passed because I felt a huge surge of energy at that time. While Goldie was alive, she/he swam around the tank frantically and brought our family much joy. We saw an intelligence beyond what you would typically expect from a goldfish.... who are very intelligent fish.

Goldie was "won" at a carnival about 2 years ago. Ever since he/she has been a delightful part of the family, very active and joyful, and beautiful to watch. A "comet" variety, gold colored.

About a month ago, we started a separate tank with "aquasaurs", which are a type of freshwater shrimp. These particular shrimp have not evolved physically in a very long time, which is why they are called aquasaurs. They have a life span of between 60 and 90 days.

About 2 weeks ago, one died, and then shortly thereafter, the other died.

For about a week after that, Goldie was not eating, and swimming listlessly around the tank. Then, Goldie died last weekend. There is, I feel, a significance to the number "3" here.


  1. Goldie/Akamai is a beautiful soul. Again the concept of choosing when to leave came up. You recognized the intelligence in Goldie and Goldie gave you a gift! It's amazing that you actually felt the surge of energy. What does it feel like? I think I have telepathy with my little Sugar Plum. For instance Sunday I was thinking that I will go and get the scissors to cut the hair from around her eyes, so I went into the bathroom, and got the scissors. Sugar follows me everywhere I go and she was right on my heals but the minute I got the scissors, she ran under the bed. I called for her to come to me and she refused. Then I laughed and I thought "did she realize that I was going to cut her hair?'


  2. Vee, it's similar to Reiki energy... to me, this feels a bit like "pins and needles" when your leg falls asleep. But rather than being painful it's just a low-intensity vibration. Sometimes there can be warmth to it, as well. Another description would be how it feels when a cat purrs, without the purring noise...

    I think you may have to be a little sneakier with your thoughts (and the scissors) from this point forward... try clearing your thoughts by thinking of a piece of paper, rather than cutting Sugar's hair. And hide the scissors! I'd be curious to know if this has any impact on Sugar's acceptance of the task at hand.

  3. Such a wonderful message, it touched my heart. Thank you dreamwalker, I will have to repost this!! Thank you as well Goldie...I know, I know, that isn't your name! Much Love :)

  4. Hehehe, I cut and washed Sugar's hair this past Saturday. I did not think about what I was going to do, I picked up my keys and she came to me from under the bed. Then I picked her up and was able to cut her hair! LOL As you said,I had to be sneaky!


  5. Vee - that is a very interesting confirmation. Thank you! Apparently Sugar knows what you're thinking... :-)