Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop Making Choices!

>Jesus, are you there?

I am here Troy, how are you this evening?

>I'm doing fine. Thank you for the message, by the way. Would you be able to explain it further?

It is an idea of sitting in a room full of doors. Rather than taking the doors into other rooms, simply BE in the present, stop making choices.

>Does this relate to the choices we make on incarnation?

Yes it does.

>But, do we not have to die to make that choice in the first place?

You have to choose to get old and then die, or choose to die for that matter.

>We choose to get old?

All the time!

>Um... time seems to be the determining factor here...

Not if there isn't any of it.

>And we choose to die?

Yes, precisely.

>So how do we stop making these choices?

By not making them.

>But... um... isn't our current progress through life not determined by the choices we make? If I simply stop doing everything life still marches on. Responsibilities to others, and all that.

Did I say everything? You're not listening! There are only two choices we are talking about here. And you can stop making these choices right now.

>I can choose not to get old?


>How do I synchronize life with time while still maintaining other responsibilities?

Let spirit guide you along the path through time, let spirit make these choices for you.

>Well I guess I'm doing this to some degree.

Not in relation to time.

>Well that's a problem since I have a job with requirements. If I don't observe time, and I end up not having a job, how do I support my family?

Have you asked for assistance?

>To be independently wealthy?

Yes! Why not!

>Who do I ask?

Your higher self, your guides, whomever you wish!

>And then time becomes something of a non-issue... except I don't see a lot of independently wealthy people who are also independently ageless...

Assigning guidance with time to higher self is something which appears to escape them.

Some see wealth as a burden so they shy away from it, set their sights lower in the hopes of remaining balanced. Equally setting their sights lower on abundance in any form.

>But I could also argue that there are plenty of lightworkers following spirit who are not independently wealthy, and although many of them are beautiful I would hazard to guess that they are not ageless.

Being ageless is an abundance of youth.

>Abundance implies limitation...

To you perhaps at this time. Can you envision infinite youth?

>It sounds kind of boring to be honest. Limiting. For example, if you're eternally youthful at 17, and the driving limit isn't until you're 18, then, well, no driving for you!

You know we're all a heck of a lot older than that, my friend.

>Yes but still it is a valid point. Wouldn't the 17-year old always be wishing that he had waited until he was 18 for immortality?

Not if he doesn't fake his driver's license.... and frankly he wouldn't even have to do that, would he?

>You're kind of making a circular argument, J.

Not at all. He simply chooses to be a certain age and he is that age. I am all the ages I ever was. So if you can be it once, you can be it again. Easy.

>Tomorrow I could be 12?

Choose to be 12, and you will be 12.

Think BIG.

>The movie?

That too!

>Alright J., you're keeping me up... need to go sleep now...

Nope, you would be much more productive if you made the choice that you didn't need sleep.

>You keep telling me that, but I am indeed sleepy the next day.

Did you choose not to be sleepy?

>Goodnight J, I appreciate our connection...

Talk to you soon Troy! 


After I had this discussion, I noticed sympatico with St. Germain...


  1. Hi Dreamwalker,

    So what I get from the conversation is we definitely create our reality but we have to truly believe we have the power to do it and we can ask for assistance. If we choose to be independently wealthy we should ask for it. If we choose to be young, all we have to do is ask and believe. If I believe I will live forever then I will. I enjoyed reading the channel and look forward to reading more.


  2. Rereading this DW, really nice... may I speak honestly? hope I don't sound rude... but the one making a circular argument is you! J's explanation is crystal clear... after all these years I finally see it... big hug

    1. Thank you Nando - I appreciate your support! Thank you also for bringing my attention back to this... it's just what I needed to read right now. No offense taken! Sometimes I can be difficult for the sake of exploring an idea... and this was 2011, so my own understanding has opened up since then. I agree, Mr. J was crystal clear. :-)