Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream Log: 29AUG2013 Paris Suburbs

This was somewhere in France. It felt like I was close to Paris, but in the suburbs. An older friend had recently passed, and it was an opportunity (or an excuse) to visit with friends. I had a brief visit with one of his close friends, a man in his 80's. I visited him in his home - a small, brightly-lit and painted flat with cozy furniture. The next stop was a well-worn jazz club, sipping strong french coffee, reminiscent of Preservation Hall in New Orleans. PinChu was there, along with a young man in his late 20's. He had blond/brown mid-length hair and a backwards-facing ballcap, which he always wore. At one point I glanced at her, and she appeared to me briefly as someone with the "wolf man" disorder, where the body is covered in hair. When I glanced back at her again, she was back to normal. I wasn't alarmed - I understood this was a brief glimpse at her (energetic) protection.

I got into an argument with the young man. He was negative and aggressive to begin with, and his intensity only increased as we talked. We decided to settle our differences outside the club. We were standing in the street, it was fairly late at night. We both drew pistols, which looked like yellow nerf guns, and we each understood that we had one shot.

I pulled my trigger.


He pulled his trigger.


We both knew this would happen.

We shrugged at each other, and I finally realized why he was angry: he didn't have a place to stay (I reflected on why solutions present themselves AFTER the trigger is pulled...). I suggested that he could stay at my place, as long as it was only a few days. I remember touring the city by car with PinChu, enjoying some of the tourist destinations. The city felt similar to Vancouver. 

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