Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dream Log: 3AUG2013 - Sand Castles

I was at the beach with several children including my sons. There was a man there with a blue / white striped shirt, and he was running a boat tour for kids. The aluminum boat held about 8-10 people, it was fairly light and had an outboard motor at the stern, and another port (right) near the bow. The motor near the stern was larger, gray, about 60 hp, somewhat weather worn in a serviceable kind of way. We get into the boat, the man guestured that I could sit at the stern and steer the boat, he sat near the bow, next to the smaller (10 hp?) motor. I launched the boat and started off, waving my hand saying where should we go. He pointed starboard (left) so I steered the boat in that direction, not realizing there was a small island right there. The boat ran up on the beach (we were going fairly fast...) but surprisingly, there was no "bump" - just a smooth glide. A perfect landing! The tour guide was still ticked and I shrugged - I did what I was told. He said, well that's okay, and raised his middle finger at me. Meanwhile the kids got out of the boat , to where other kids were playing in the sand and building sand castles. There was a cave there and lots of sea life to explore.

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