Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frila2012: Meditation and Initiation 24AUG2012

 This was a meditation that seems to be a part of (or illustrate) a larger story. I am not sure what story that is, only that I am somehow a part of it. I wanted to share it here, and it is shared with permission from the author.

Frila2012 says:
It’s a wired day, all my physical sensation, mental state just felt eccentric. The floor felt like waves, or something soft, or the things seemed moved in some vortex. The sky, including the SUN, was almost covered by clouds all day long. Just at the very moment by the nightfall, also by our connection time, between 08:00 and 08 :30 pm (of Paris time zone), the clouds were dropped away. Now, it’s raining outside. Since I was born on an Island, this relatively moist air just brought me some flavor of home, I feel more comfortable, but some nostalgia also rose in my mind.
As I know, I was born so many times on “islands.” I miss the the moisture of earth that’s not distant from the sea…
The part below is what I got this evening during our connection. I’m sure without you, I could definitely not get/experience these.
For seizing well the divine energy at this very moment, I first envision that we were holding hands, receiving the flame and light and sending them to the inner earth.
Today, it took longer to start to have visions.
First, I might being on some ship, looking back our earth, along with a black artificial satellite.
It’s my first time that during the connection, I was shown the grains, particularly yellow ones, and not only once.
It’s almost three month ago, I started joining you for this connection. It’s also at the very beginning of our connection, I saw Troy, my father when we were still on another planet, was bringing me for celebrating a ceremony. Today, I saw the its follow up. As last time, I saw all the concerned circumstances from their back. The first picture showed that I was staying without father’s company in a very crowded Gothic like building which is very high. The colored stained glass looked as a sharp contrast against the gray tone of the crowd. I was looking for father. Then I was stepping forward on my own to the ceremonial stage. Though I didn’t see father, I sensed he was there, witnessing the whole rite [initiation or something like Bar and Bat Mitzvah] in person.
A black Dragon of western type carried me on his back going forward on water.
Then I was in somewhere like a city at night full of castles with conic roof all in light blue color. It felt like somewhere beyond our historical time, or even beyond earth. Though the city was somehow illuminated in faint yellow/golden light, if felt gloomy.
Appeared a golden vortex/wormhole, then I was brought to somewhere all in golden light. In front of me, it’s a golden pavilion made of golden light wires, surrounded by some other round stuffs. I felt where this was seems beyond 5th dimension.
Appeared again grains, but in various colors. Among them, the yellow ones are so eye-catching.
There was a moment that I was distracted, and some force just drew me out and brought me to the next vortex, wormhole.
Then I was in front of where all the architectures and stuffs were crystalline. I felt it’s even in a higher dimension than the last one. All arose in front of me were not high, but so glittering, translucent and pure. Similar to what I just saw, the main stuff looked like a white crystal pavilion with dome. It seemed my second time to be here. The last time I was there was being a member of this group, discussing our work just insides that pavilion.
I somehow felt I was one with the dolphin beings, but I have no memory of the concerned visions at all.

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