Friday, May 13, 2011

After the Flood - Selphia of Telos

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
12 May 2011

>Hi Selphia, are you there? Mikos said you wanted to chat.

>One of my colleagues wanted me to relay a message:

gunner gives the Agarthans much love, honor, respect and so much appreciation and if they ever want to stop in at the doghouse, my door is open.

>I also have a question from Kellia, who is experiencing financial difficulty at the moment

Hello Troy how are you?

>I'm fine thank you! How have you been? It seems it's been hard to get hold of you

It is hard managing those tectonic plates - this is a collective effort of many people here in Agartha

>What do you mean by "managing tectonic plates?"

We are all working hard to minimize the impact to the surface as much as possible. It is not completely preventable but we do have the ability to have some effect on the outcome. We love you all very much and we look forward to joining our brothers and sisters very soon, you know!

>We are really looking forward to meeting everyone there as well, Selphia! You're actually able to move tectonic plates with your mind?

Yes it isn't easy, and a single person cannot have much of an impact. But together we can move mountains if we so choose! We are one!

I need to say that it isn't easy, it's very much like a tug-of-war where there's a whole bunch of little guys against one big monster guy. It's kind of fun in a way but we know there are serious consequences to losing this important game!

>I feel that you and your Agarthan friends take this task very seriously; I am glad you can see the lighter side of it too!

With regards to your friend Kellia, she and her husband are trying hard to maintain thier lifestyle and they have very strong moral values. This can be actually getting in the way of their employment but they feel fear in relaxing these values. At times I feel it is more important to take smaller jobs and put food on the table and still keep those values shining bright. It is in fact a nature of your current existance that you be placed at odds with those values, to both learn a part of yourself, and to teach your client a bit about themselves (but do it nicely). Just by being there, without saying anything, your intent and your thoughts have a huge impact on that person. All I can say is, that in times of adversity, the spiritual warrior wades into the fray.

>Do you have any specific suggestions, directions, or leads she can follow?

I see a fast food chain in need of some marketing assistance. She will not need to move to obtain this job. I see a few minor contracts she can pick up right now by way of the web, but she may not be interested in these because they are fairly minor. She will have more work rolling in between the 21st and 25th. Her husband will have an opportunity on the 28th, although he will need to "hit the bricks" to get this. This will not be an optimal fit for him but it is something. Your friend John/Gunner and Kellia share the messenger trait - I think they can learn much from each other.

>Thank you Selphia, I think she will appreciate your help and advice!

>Laurinda was asking about her past lives with her friend "sped" also known as "Ian"

Before I get into that I would like to address your other comment. I appreciate Gunner's (John's [I also heard "Joseph"]) words and the work that he is doing for Mother Earth is very important. He is well aware of the angels and is also playing an important role as a messenger. He could very well have strong ties to Mercury!

About Laurinda and Ian, they were both at those chariot races you know, on the same team. His uniform had blue accent, if you remember. I think you should tell that dream - I really enjoyed watching it. He was a very loyal teammember and friend to Laurinda.

>Can you relay that to me again in dreamtime?

That's a little difficult, my apparatus doesn't really work that way. Once you are here you will be able to relive it.

I will tell you about another episode of their lives - it is about the great flood. They were stranded on the azores after the flood, as survivors, and tried to piece back together the grand civilization that was Atlantis but they knew it was hopeless. They did have a fairly happy lifetime together but it was mostly about survival. There was volcanoes, and fishing, and children. They started a new tribe there and tried to pass down as much knowledge as they could, but it was very fragmented. Their man/woman roles were reversed. There was this one incident where Laurinda (Chay?) tried to build a canoe but ended up burning a hole right through the log. I think she felt kind of silly but learned much about boat building that day.

It would be the same kind of thing if you were stranded on an island with plenty of resources. You'd still have to figure out how to harvest those resources, build some kind of accommodation, and just live on the island with reduced standard of living.

It was a fairly beautiful existence - they had beauty all around them yet most of their time was spent fretting over what they had lost. There were around 40 other colleagues with them; they lost a few to the process of survival.

 >There is a lot going around about the 21st of May - anything we should be concerned about?

I think Mikos relayed some information about the 15th and that is still a concern. The 21st is a date chosen by your followers of the Christian faith and unfortunately they will not realize they too have the ability to manifest their thoughts. However nothing troublesome will come of this; they simply don't know what they're doing yet. Some will in time find their way to you, and I know you are looking forward to helping them as well.

>I look forward to the challenge, Selphia!

Indeed - I especially enjoyed your "heathen beater" idea - get right on that! I had a good laugh out of that - it is one of your gifts to make others laugh! I also enjoyed the album you mentioned, although I'd like to point out that there's potential for falsely misleading others about the future. The future is only about your frame of mind and reference today, you know. If you fear something, it will be. If you love something, it will be as well! You were correct in saying what sounds bad usually turns out being good, because collectively you are all now supporting each other and encouraging positive intent. It is really great to see. You are a living experiment, so to speak, but you have all risen to the challenge admirably!

Your friend Babajij (name starts with K?) is on an important path and is a soul-kin. You both have much to learn from each other! It's actually kind of funny because of what you have to learn, but you will also have to learn that for yourself, my dear!

>I look forward to it, Selphia - I am so very grateful for all the help and support you have given.

I am happy to help, Troy - and we are so very proud of all of you!


Note: The "heathen beater" reference was from a reaction to a Christian prediction that May 21, 2011, was the end of the world:

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