Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of Centering: Chaos Nodes and Void Points

Focused/ Channeled by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos
May 16, 2011

>Hello Adama, did you want to chat?

Hello Troy yes I did. I wanted to talk about ego.

>What can you tell me about Ego?

Ego is like the control surfaces on an airplane. It maintains stability. An airplane has dynamic stability in that if you alter course, it will try to correct itself.

So, when you modify those control surfaces, the plane might descend, ascend, bank right, bank left. Turn right/turn left. If you let go of the controls while the plane is in stable flight, the aircraft flies itself.

So too is the scheme of the ego. It is "programmed" to maintain equilibrium. It controls bodily functions, but also controls your perception of reality. You can change direction with your ego, but your ego carries your reality with it. A good example of how this comes into play is when you go to a movie theater and watch a movie. You start to feel like one of the characters in the movie.

Another example is when you become nostalgic for something, and you not only remember what that time looked like, but also the sounds, smells, and feelings that went along with it. This is not just your memory - it is your ego trying to "stabilize" your reality.

You have been struggling with ego - you can now feel the separation between your higher self and ego self - your higher self wants to do one thing, and your ego constantly tries to "stabilize" reality and prevent that from happening.

When you feel this happening, all you need to do is center/ root yourself to maintain your connection to your higher self. This will switch off your ego so that it doesn't always try to correct itself.

The ego is in play all the time; it's like a compass always pointing north. You cannot completely switch it off unless you die since it needs to maintain certain parts of your reality in order to function.

This is in fact part of the genetic engineering that took place thousands of years ago - those responsible tapped into this automatic function and developed it to become hyper-active. If external forces attempt to change your reality, your ego kicks in and tries to compensate. And just as in an airplane, the further removed from your reality that external influence is, the stronger your ego will react to counterbalance that external force. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

PTSD is an example of how the ego has over-compensated from external influences. There is also a simple solution there in training soldiers to connect to their higher self, which would help them to "reset" their ego and its hyper-active stability/control mechanism. Connecting to their higher selves is not desirable from the military standpoint since this also makes them less controllable. And so it is preferred to discharge them from the military rather than offer a cure.

The same is true with any other event - external influences will have the effect of causing your hyper-active ego to overcompensate. This is why many messages coming from the Galactic Federation suggest "remain calm", because if you let events get to you, your ego will try to compensate, and then you become more malleable and controllable.

Maintaining centering and your connection to your higher self helps override your ego, and also helps you then take action rather than "locking up". It is essentially taking control of your ego rather than letting your ego control YOU.

Whether you are at a chaotic node or at a void point (the opposite of a chaotic node), maintaining centering and connecting with your higher self through love and gratitude will prevent this control from taking place.

>can you tell me something about chaotic node vs. void point?

It is exactly like a weather system where you have high and low pressure areas. Except the chaotic node vs. void point is more of a property of space time, caused by your planet's rotation through the universe. This rotation creates its own reality, and that reality has "high" and "low" pressure areas around the planet that have an impact on space/time. So a "chaotic node" is like a storm system, associated with "low" pressure, a "void point" is like a high pressure system with calm weather. This is as much a part of your planet as the weather; it's just another property of it. And this system on a map resembles weather systems as well.

This can be influenced to some degree with electro-magnetic devices, but your governments do not have the technology to change this on a planetary scale. This can only be done on a very small level, and the effects are still unpredictable. They have been experimenting with seeding these chaotic nodes and void points in a similar way to how you would seed a weather system; you might get a bit more rain, for example. In fact this does also have an impact on the weather to some degree because it has an electro-magnetic property to it. Rain and clouds also contain electrons, so a symptom of chaos/void points is also reflected in weather patterns. They are connected phenomenon rather than being separate constructs.

Your expression "when it rains it pours" has double meaning when applied to chaos, and is in fact evidence that your collective consciousness already understands that both of these things are closely connected.

>Is there anything we can do to prevent this manipulation at this point?

It's not happening on a big enough scale to be truly dangerous, although the advice I provided about ego will help you "weather the storm" of these chaos nodes and void points to some degree. When you feel it at its height, simply center and remain calm. You will start to feel the chaos drop away as you override your ego.

Centering can also be meditation, but as you know meditation is not required for centering.

Another way of looking at it is that centering is like opening an umbrella. The rain seems a lot easier to deal with when you have some kind of covering. Centering acts just like an umbrella - it provides clarity and reduces the effects of the chaos.

>Thank you Adama, this has been very helpful. I am grateful for your help and connection!

I'd like to say that this is a really easy but important practice right now. Practice this as much as you can because it will come in handy as you move through these chaos nodes and void points. You should try and get to the point where you can pop it open, just like an umbrella, and you will be protected. Connect to your higher self with gratitude and it becomes your umbrella.

Thank you, Troy, I always enjoy talking with you. With Love and Gratitude.

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