Friday, May 27, 2011

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Adama of Telos
Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker

>Adama, did you want to talk more about my friend Sassy?

I would love to Troy, you are all making such wonderful progress!

>Thank you Adama. What can you tell me about her?

She does not believe her own ability but like I said she is a healer of much power. You have learned something of Sangoma and it is this kind of power that she wields. It is ancient power, brutal and harsh, but it is this way because of what it is designed to counteract.

>Can white people be Sangoma?

Of course! The shell you hold now is just a shell - your spirit is not "white" or "brown". This is why racism is such a waste of energy; spirit is not an exclusive club - it is everywhere!

Please ask her to get in touch with the Sangoma you connected with. Gillian is a dear soul and is working for the light. She is a powerful friend and serves the Great Spirit every day to her full potential. 

>I am honored to know both of these women - they have different yet similar energy.

Indeed they do. It is not yin/yang in terms of opposites so much as different aspects of the same thing. Complementary forces. They are connected at a much deeper level but this is for them to discover.

Her connection with Penelope has opened the way for the next stage in her life. This is her soul purpose, and as she learns more she will find this path resonates with her in a very deep way.

>I think she may feel this is all happening fairly quickly - is there any advice I can give her, or stages she shoudl go through first?

No - she is ready. She should trust her intution and go with what feels right! And she should always expect miracles, they will happen every day.

>Okay, then Adama, I appreciate your advice.

Thank you, Troy! Go in peace.

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