Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enjoy Life - Aten

Aten focused by Dreamwalker


Do not be afraid of coming events. There is bounty just around the corner as well as many blessings from your collective family.

>Who is speaking this evening?

This is Aten. You are building your energy and this is good.

>Should I be doing anything in preparation for what is coming?

Nothing is coming that you can't deal with. You're going to have fun. You're going to enjoy life with your family and there will be less nonsense around you than there is now, particularly in the media. You will notice a subtle shift but it will be there. More of a celebration of life and less a celebration of death as it is now.

>I think I would enjoy that change, Aten.

Well I would enjoy that too because this is mostly rubbish, these media activities are purposeless self-feeding and aggrandizement of those who produce it. They will see that it will be more pleasurable to themselves to celebrate life and making money based on activities that do not support this will be less appealing.

>Can you tell me how this shift will come about?

Unity consciousness. It is a small difference at this point. This will grow to where people in your society will enjoy life because others enjoy life. It is in their best interest and spirit to do this, not a cooercive event.

>Can you tell me about 2014?

As I said do not fear this time. You will be taken care of and your communication with your spirit tells you that you have much time left on this planet in your current form and it is so. The details of this event are not predetermined. There will be awe in the majesty of creation as it is revealed.

>I can say Aten that I am already in awe of creation, as many of us here are.

More than that!

>Thank you Aten, that is all the questions I have for now.

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