Saturday, September 17, 2011

I AM THAT I AM - thoughts on a phrase

When I ponder "I am that I am" I was thinking about this and it is a fairly complex statement, that is used from other channels (particularly if not exclusively with St. Germaine). At a basic level what it starts out is intent, something like "I am the best football player in the United States" (lots of examples of guys who invoked this and now making many millions of dollars a year). But "I am that I am" is something like the concept of recursion in programming terms. It is embedding intent in another intent. I think it also describes the holographic principle in a way. Everything included around us is included within us, I think therefore I am therefore I am. The template of us is included in the template of us, which is a template of everything. You take any piece of that and you can create the template for anything else, which also includes the template of everything within it.
I've been appreciating the creator (all of us) as being like a lazy programmer; there is a template for everything and it is used for different things. For example, waves of time, waves of sound, waves of light. Same template, different forms. Snowflakes - same template, different forms. Drama, history, human interaction, etc., all has an underlying template with different "skins" on top. Archetypes in psychology, used to analyse your psyche, also translates to interactions you have in real life, also translates to the beings we channel.
Quite a profound idea, it is interesting that programmers have picked this up in their own work so they're basically doing the same thing the creator did in creating the building blocks that make up the universe. Another template! The universe is indeed the ultimate "killer app".


  1. DW:There is allways more....haha! In this case
    what comes to mind is the completion of the injunction...."I AM THAT I AM..THAT IS ALL THAT
    I AM".

  2. ... and yet still more:

    I AM THAT I AM... and besides me, there is nothing!