Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Volatility and Guides - Adama

Adama of Telos
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

There is nothing you need at this time that isn't provided in some way. Do not be angered by the liberation of your markets, for there will come a time when this will be celebrated. We will catch the problem as it falls and quickly those who can will do something about it. There will be no breakdown in process, supply or materials as these still need to move from point A to point B. Do not fear those who would take all for themselves as they are now being given opportunities to serve others and they see that this is needed so they will, with very few exceptions, act in everyone's best interest.

We are with you at this time, guiding with invisible hands. You are quite correct that we are there beside you helping and guiding. You can feel my hand on your shoulder, in some cases you may not be needed for specific tasks whereas others still need to serve in certain ways. Do not feel bad for not participating as we all have specific roles to play. Your spirit also guides you in a more direct way, and you walk hand in hand with spirit every day whether you know it or not. You are in fact quite active in other areas where in your primary focus now you almost appear, or may seem to feel, to be standing still. You are serving much the same way as we are and we make a good team.

There is a celebration of love and life coming very soon. You may not feel it but we will be celebrating with you. You are the center of attention in the whole unverse at this time, we are waiting expectantly. As you come online, so to speak, so will other systems. You may be feeling the density now as you raise your energy level and this is exactly why it is done gradually. It is what we feel when we are there physically so we must wait awhile longer for our reunion. But as your restlessness grows know that we are with you, and we are here to help the human race, our desire is to join you at your side when you are ready.

>Adama, can you tell me if there's anything that can be done about the "heavy" feeling I'm currently experiencing?

As I mentioned earlier, don't forget to ask for assistance, either from an archetype or from your Self. Some things that you do at this time, which is correct in raising energy levels, will have the apparent "negative" side effect of giving a heavy feeling. This is a shearing of energy patterns, similar to tuning a guitar and a string is slightly out of tune, which causes discomfort. It is the same thing; I have mentioned this earlier but it is good to remember this principle. Do not forget that your guides can provide ongoing assistance as well, as you have been working with them from there and they appreciate this, but there is more that you can be doing with them at this time if you desire.

>Can you give some examples of things I could work with them on?

There are many examples, use your imagination as the best education is one where you discover concepts and ideas for yourself. You can also ask them to show you things as you have done in the past; they enjoy teaching. For example they can help restore your memory when you are ready.

Addressing the concept of archetypes you are partly correct but these energy signatures do indeed exist. It is not a figment of someone's imagination as some would lead you to believe. As you know and have experienced many times before, the light body is the true form of spirit. This can connect to other forms easily because they are of the same form. Telepathy is harder for some because it is connecting cross-form, but well worth trying for the thrill of the "coincidences" that arise as a result.

Thank you Troy for your being.

>Thank you Adama, Namaste.

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