Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gaming as Life or Simulation?

I am here for anyone who wishes to chat.

(Mikos) I am here, Troy. I wanted to respond to your friend's question regarding video games.

>We haven't spoken in a while, Mikos, it's nice to chat.

(Mikos) It is interesting that she is involved in these games as it is very similar to the simulations we have here in Pathologos. Is there a similarity to life, to reality, being played out in the game? There is some degree of influence over humans, this is an astute observation. But this would skew the understanding that there is 100% control over every human just as every avatar in the game is controlled in some way. This is not true. It is only through freewill choice that humans allow themselves to be controlled in any way; and this can either be an indirect or a direct control depending on its nature. The Vikings referred to this as Ragnarok but it is not that gods are fighting toe-to-toe between themselves. It is a fight for human spirit.

The dark side is only able to get away with it as long as humans give into those controlling elements that allow control; for example, fear, greed, lust, etc. And it is not to say that you're not allowed to feel these things - of course you are, it's what makes you human at this time. But you yourself started to feel the effects of those games on your psyche, on your control. Simply put, it taps into your survival instincts and tells your subconscious: "Flee!" "Fight!" "Struggle!" when your environment has none of these requirements. It is simply awareness that you need to break free of these things; you can still experience them and it is important to experience them to understand them. But you now know that it is happening so you can do something about it. And so whatever controlling elements there may be you have now defeated.

You should understand that the control will still be there in some way but you will be able to do something about it. So what can you do? The most important thing is to connect to spirit and feel the NOW that you are in. You will be able to easily remove rage from your situation. You can ask for healing, or reduce the greed, or anger, or whatever it is that you are feeling at that time. Step away from the situation if you must, communicate what you're doing to those involved and they will understand. This will in turn show them to do the same in another situation. And so you BE what it is that you want from others.

And of course feel free to play those games; they're fun to play and encourage teamwork and group consciousness. They can be a training place for higher abilities in many different ways, whether or not you're aware of this is beside the point of the benefit they bring to the players.

>I get a heavy feeling from some games that I've played - is this an instructional process or is there control going on here?

(Mikos) This is instructional rather than control. Try holding your centering and connecting to spirit while you play the game, and whatever "dark" effects you may be feeling will subside. You see especially games involving killing (for example World of Warcraft) you can see that your ego is kicking in and believes you are actually killing. So you have to override this by centering. You don't incur karma from this act but subconsciously there is fear that you do. I can assure you this is not the case. It is a simulation. It is interesting to note that the game you play is a Jedi game, learning to use the Force. It is correct to think that the game starts "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away" rings true. It demonstrates those who use their power to protect and defend and those who choose to use that power for their own purposes. In your own cycle there are more controls in place to avoid this scenario, although you are also correct in thinking that this same thing is playing out, and has played out, for some time on your planet.

>Thank you Mikos, I appreciate your insight.

(Mikos) Thank you Troy have a wonderful day!

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