Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Herr Klausen of Agartha

Channeled by Dreamwalker

K> Guten Tag, Herr Troy, how are you today?

T> I'm fine, Herr Klaus... I suppose I could call you Kris?

K> Indeed, if spirit moves you! I am one person here who needs little in the way of introduction, and probably little in the way of connection since so many of your kind hold belief that I exist. I am a sole individual as well as a conscious collective consciousness... a bit of a tongue twister, eh? How does that happen? Those who play the role of Santa create this collective consciousness through their belief; a little bit at a time, some part of them believes they're Santa Claus, and so this creates a group consciousness of the being that I am. It ranges far broader than Christian values - it is a separate celebration on Christed consciousness, which I had the pleasure to progress through. This story is a template similar to the story of the Buddha. Let me tell you how that happened.

When I was young, I was consumed by profit, a German toymaker. It is rare that someone can be born complete with Christed consciousness intact - there is a period of time where forgetfulness is strong so that the human brain can develop. This was the same with the individual/collective consciousness that you know as Jesus or Yeshua as well, and many other saints and sages. It is true, I found myself always looking forward to the money I might make and the profits I might pull in making toys for children. I put myself under a great deal of stress because I was never good enough when the profits rolled in. In those times, I had many privileged clientele, kings, dukes, wealthy merchants. I valued myself according to the clientele I held... that was my worth. The poor were worth nothing from this perspective, and frankly at that point in my life they were not worth my time.

In my quest for greatness as a toymaker, something interesting happened. As you could surmise, making toys is a creative outlet, and I created many delightful mechanisms. These mechanisms brought in much in the way of money... and you would think that this would make me happy. But the cost of this happiness, was fear of failure, I measured myself against that which I created. But there were a few things I created that delighted even me... and something clicked. Like clockwork! It was not the thing or the money that brought happiness, it was delight and love that brought happiness!

The next part of the process for me was the money. It is to some degree as I mentioned before a template that could be applied to anyone, but as we progress through our lives, it becomes less about struggling to keep up and more about enjoying life, since we develop the perception that life becomes shorter and shorter. And this is what happened for me; following my enlightenment, I realized I had everything I needed, and my home and my land wasn't going anywhere, and daily expenses were cared for. What now? Continue making profit to what end?

At about the same time, my brother went to debtor's prison, and his wife and children became destitute. This was something of a wake-up call for me... but I didn't act immediately as I should have. There were two years while I sat on my behind, while she and the children worked to make ends meet any way they could. Not having children of my own, I was initially somewhat terrified of the possibilities - children in my home? They'll destroy my life's work!!!

But I eventually came round, and brought them into my life. As it turned out they developed a keen interest in my work, initially of course for the toys, but later for the mechanisms and engineering.

T> A girl and a boy?

K> Yes - the girl was older. I saw in their eyes a keen interest in the science that made the toys go. The magic that turned a block of wood into a living, breathing thing (if only in the mind).

You know part of the problem was that my brother was right... we were kind of like Scrooge and Marley from the Dickens story!

So back to what I was saying before - these two children melted my heart of stone, and I had the good fortune to love them as my own... and then by extension, every child needs love. I consider my "real" story to start in December of 1787. It wasn't on Christmas eve... but it was an experiment that yielded interesting results. Giving away toys to the needy children of my community certainly had business implications... but I was surprised at the effect it had on me personally; it was exponential love. Other business leaders in my community caught onto the idea, and business leaders were finding ways to extend a portion of their profits to helping the needy in ways they hadn't before. And as a result, the community became a lovely place to live.

An unexpected result was that the small amount of abundance provided to get people through the winter months gave them the leg up to realize their desire to improve their lives in small ways.

One day out of curiosity, I set out across the snow, found a cave with a light in it, went inside the cave, and emerged in Agartha...

T> I'm confused, as I thought Saint Nicolas was from Greece, originally?

K> Not originally, but part of a much longer soul-line. I've had many lifetimes, just as you had. My last before staying in Agartha was the one I described. And this was one of many names I've had... it is interesting how it culminated, as I said, in a template that was similar to some of my other incarnations. Perhaps it is our love of familiarity that causes us to cling to these patterns!

K> Well, Troy, I look forward to meeting you. Won't people be surprised when they see Santa Claus?

T> I don't know... maybe it will be something similar to seeing a "real" alien?

K> Both of us obsolete notions, I would imagine...

T> Thank you, Kris, for this conversation... not at all what I was expecting!

K> Expect the unexpected, and expect miracles... they are all around us!

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