Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Ascension

This is a response to a post that was left by Seizinist on Aruna Byer's blog, channeling St. Germain. This is only one small facet of what I understand this to be, but I like this analogy because it's easy to visualize. I realize there are many different aspects and impressions to what this may be:

Ascension in one way is to "move up" and can be defined as moving up our awareness to higher levels. Expansion of consciousness, and awareness of more than we are aware of now. In this sense, it is not an event so much as a process. It has no beginning and no ending. I think of it as simply a cup that can always get bigger, and we continue to fill the cup. So the goal is to get all of our cups to a certain size, this is what is being called for at this time... but our cups will always grow larger to hold more of our experience. Some may refuse to fill their cups further, or see their cup as being finite in size, they are happy with what they have now, and that is their choice. This is however only one facet of the process as we are multidimensional in nature. Namaste. 

Posted on the 17th of December, 2011, while we're on the topic of water...

One other thing happened today that was kind of cool. I was visualising sending light into my drinking water, and I saw this big red no smoking sign over my cup, with my eyes closed. I looked at the cup and realized it was a plastic cup. Hmm, good ol BPA. Chemicals that make plastic soft, even in those that claim to be free of it. So I dumped out the water and grabbed a glass, filled it with water. No more no smoking sign! So I proceeded to energize that water. 

Quite a direct communique…

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