Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ow! My Ass! Understanding the NOW

Went on vacation to Florida, and had a fall on the stairs. Bruised my ass pretty bad, and it's been sore since the first of the month. The entire right side was purple. I was thinking, wow, if I could get that to spread, I'd give Krishna a run for his money (who is blue...).

The pain has been fairly severe, and pain killers have not helped that much.

So I was thinking about the pain, and then I started to actively think about something else, and the pain would go away.

Then I was thinking about how I could actively think about something else, to dull the pain. For me, I do not meditate, but I use an active meditation technique where I visualize a white piece of paper. So I was using that to kill the pain, and it worked pretty well as long as I didn't think about the pain while also thinking about the paper...

And then, as I was driving along, I realized that the world outside could be used in the same way I use the piece of paper. I can meditate on everything around me, just as I meditate on the piece of paper. This is a strange concept to me, because the world outside is a lot more complicated than a piece of paper! But, sure enough, meditating on the ALL and NOW, the pain goes away.

I realized that the NOW mentioned in many channels is not the NOW of time, it is the NOW of our active meditation. To be "present" in the NOW is not simply to exist, it is to actively meditate and be in the NOW, using it as the focus of that meditation.

Although that environment is always changing, it is also as simple as the piece of paper, because it is all one with creation.

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