Sunday, December 18, 2011

Void, NESARA - Selphia

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Selphia, are you there?

I am here Troy. How are you doing?

>Can you tell me a bit about this void I'm experiencing?

It is as you feel, it is a cocooning. Do not fear it, or let it get you down. Great things lie ahead, my dear. Do not feel bad that you are somewhat immobilized at this time either... it all has a purpose.

>I understand. I appreciate the gentle introduction/instruction I'm given. It feels like we have all the time in the world to lay a good foundation.

Very well said, Troy, that is exactly it. Impatience really isn't necessary, although I know you feel that you would like to get the show on the road. Remember that you still have a purpose in your current existence and what plays out is exactly what needs to play out.

>How is everyone doing there? Do you ever have trouble with stagnation or feeling directionless?

I can't say that we do, Troy, as, especially now, we are fairly busy with various energy-related tasks around the Planet, and by extension, the solar system and galaxy. I noticed you are able to keep yourself busy by working with energy in various ways - whereas others might require a magazine to keep for getting bored, being bored is no longer a problem. That is one of the many benefits of being aware more of what is around you as it can be entertaining... and will be so much more so as you progress further.

We are sending you a bit of healing at your request, so you should feel a bit better now.

>Thank you Selphia... I certainly notice a difference since I've been talking to you.

This is partly the principle of resonance, you do benefit from the connection in this way.

>Is there a way to connect even if I have nothing to say? Do I still benefit in the same way?

We are but a thought away, Troy... :-)

>Can you tell me anything about the recent developments with the financial situation here on the surface?

The lawsuit currently in the works will be used to fund NESARA kickoff. This is going to turn around fairly quickly. This will lead to abundance, we have an idea of the specific chain of events that will take place but not necessarily of the timeline... but everyone is waiting in anticipation as things fall into place in the way that they need to. These are real things that happen but they are also unreal drama that serve the purpose of teaching.

>I have to go, at the moment, Selphia, but thank you for this discussion Selphia.

Thank you Troy - enjoy your evening!

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