Monday, June 4, 2012

Archons Confronted (a Dream)

By dreamwalker |

I was watching this row of houses, small ranchers with white picket fences around them, all painted the same. My viewpoint was above / hovering in front, as in astral travel. Out of the house next to me came a creature similar to a Dalek from Dr. Who. Except the top of the head was this large brown brain with eyes and a mouth, with sharp pointy teeth. Instead of a laser, it had a chainsaw in his right arm.

It was coming after me, I flew back to my body, but was paralyzed / I couldn't get up. As the creature was coming towards me (in bed) I woke up.

The feeling of this creature was similar to the brown alien in the nasajim video.

I notice in this dream, that the ranchers represent conformity.

Alien Video by Nasajim


  1. I have to wonder Dear Walker... What part of the Light this comes from...and/or...which part of the
    Light does it serve? I am having a hard time with
    the motive here. Thanks.
    Will I am

  2. I have no idea, Will I am, that is a very good question. "Know thy enemy" might be one interpretation. Also, for me this was pretty close to a "classic" astral travel experience... apparently paralysis is a part of this.

    Usually the granting of gifts, or abilities, or the introduction of spirit helpers are accompanied by horrific dreams, for me (FWIW this is part of the shamanic path as well, and was sometimes historically induced through trauma or confrontation). So although this appears to be a "bad" dream, that is not necessarily the case.

    This creature appeared to a friend of mine on another site, at the same time, in her dream, so there is some added layer to this particular dream. Perhaps the "bad guys" are finally cornered and are being flushed out of hiding.

    1. Thanks.I have believed and experienced that dream time is the place where we can work out issues that we find too overwhelming to work out in conscious time. Perhaps showing such a negative work out(my judgement)may help some to feel safer to realize that issues that may be termed nightmarish in nature,are shared experiences by many and consolation can be gained on the road to healing the shadows on the way to INlightenment.
      "Bad guys" seems dualistic/separative,(again my judgement),shamic pathways to trauma and confrontation were also accessed/healed with psychotrophic molds and cactus:-)
      Carry on...Namaste'. Will I am

    2. I caught it, so, no worries, it is just a small funny walking duster that needs an explanation about its origin :)
      Love and Light, dear Troy :)

  3. Hey, our Light is that we Live in, this Light within is our new dimension and as long as we hold it we reside in each higher dimension, we are harmless because of our inner Light, Thank you, great Souls of Light, thank you, Troy, this is the clue in our common dreams

  4. hi dear walker :P i have extensive experience with astral fighting :P and the only real limit is what you can think off, fear is your biggest weakness because if you fear something you give it what ever you fear :P or at least that is my experience they feed on the fear in way and become able to control the environment or alter the dream state while you are in fear :P there are many forms of fear and the more the fear the more you release control :p i dont remember ever encountering a dark entity when i am filled with love in my heart :P so thats the best defense :P although your powers are limitless if you act without fear :P (only way they can goad me into violent action is to protect others, and when i see harm intended for others i act without any thought:P most of the times i do get caught up in the flow of ''story'' in dreams and forget that i am sleep or just never knew to begin with, but for the last 10 years nightmares have been my favorite dreams :P each one taught me a thing or 2 about myself, or what i was capable of :P if your conscious in the dream your will Alone is enough to banish anything or remake all of your surroundings in an instant, if how ever fear remains, usually doubt... then it can follow :P it might change form i used 2 create a mental black hole and telekineticly stuff them inn that, and that would do the trick :P as far as mental creation's whent:P now when i remember 2, i just fill my self with love and radiate light and then i dont see them again for while :P which i kinda miss now:P 1001 astral battles and not a fight lost :P fun to actually tell people that understand wtf ive been doing all these years. i always wished one of my friends would catch on with the obe training stuff ive been giving them for christmas :P lol anyways gl, and dont worrie (fear) just be happy (expression of love) practice makes perfect :D flying, teleport& inncombat-teleport (myfavorite), telekinesis, ability to will objects even illogical ones into being or things like spells, as long as your will is behind it it works :P ive sealed a few of these dark things, with spells i dont even know wtf i was doing but i knew they were spells lol :P and hey if it works im happy, my ''spells'' are so much more effective now, then they used to be as they brushed them off, but that comes down to fear, as when i first did those things while not conscious in a dream, and i doubted it hence reduces effectiveness if i had believed like i do now:P i know i can do anything my will can imagine, i know this in my bones :P so every dream i fly around without waking up or thinking it is strange, traveling to places ive not been to before having super fun :P i dont remember half of it :P the fights i remember vividly and some dreams are just out of this world (spent 14Years in one....) but then again i guess i needed the kick in the but :P i was going off my path, i was delusional when i look back, but in essence i was an asshole and my thought process and feelings were limited, as all i thought about was getting laid, and my feelings had been killed with intention and drug use, due to some other stuff:P needless to say :P a Dream saved my life, now i live half my life in wonder and amazement and the other half being as loving and awesome as i can to my family, friends and all those that i have the pleasure of meeting :D <3

    1. Amen to the last bit, dadi geir, ever see "Howl's Moving Castle?" Great movie! :-)