Thursday, June 14, 2012

Santa Muerte: Waveforms

>I can feel you smiling at me, Santa Muerte

sm> I am here Troy. Do you know why I am smiling?

>I can't imagine... because you are a skeleton and really can't help yourself?

sm> Ha, well yes, I think most have reason to be happy to cast aside their mortal coil, so a smiling skull is perhaps a fitting tribute

>That is somewhat morbid but funny at the same time. How do you do that?

sm> A natural talent.

> I expect it comes with the territory... so what do you have for me today? I think I've got the hang of the "balance" of energy that we discussed. Not so much where it flows from and to, perhaps, or how to prevent that from happening, but I think I understand why I'm feeling tired as a representation of the displacement of money/energy.

sm> Yes, that is a large part of it. Although you may think that this might have something to do with cosmic energies, you will find, as your friend Adrial has mentioned, this is something of a mis-direction of the energies at play. When you look closer to home, you will find that the energy you spend is energy lost. You should be aware of this, it is a direct reflection of the money you spend. It is no matter that someone else spends your money for you... in this case it is a three-legged race to keep up with the Joneses, and you are as affected as she, although more so for her, since this is a "direct" output, you are an "indirect" output, but still an output by proxy. Partnerships can be very draining. Now you know why.

sm> I am pointing this out because there is misrepresentation at play with regards to energies. You have also noticed a waveform energy, and this also mimics the waveform of visits to various websites. Higher on wednesday, lower over the weekend. A waveform template, one of many. You will also notice other waves taking place... time is a wave, sound is a wave, light is a wave.

>You are saying that waves also govern human behaviour.

sm> To a large extent yes. There will be outliers but that is the pattern. Not just bursts, but waves. A stone dropped in the pond. A large event, and then highs and lows... perhaps they taper to nothing.

>What else can you tell me about the energy at play at this time?

sm> do not judge yourself too hard by your own actions, you are only balancing out what is necessary for your progress at this time.

>I understand.


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Cross-reference of Leslee Hare's description of the "light body":

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