Monday, June 18, 2012

Barack Obama (A Dream)

I dreamed I was in a small gymnasium, watching some kind of team sport that my younger son was playing, it was his Kindergarten class (next year, 2012-2013). His teacher, running the game, was my older son's Kindergarten teacher.

Barack Obama was sitting next to me, laid back, shooting the breeze, we were good friends (this is the way he treats everyone, and how he prefers to be treated). He was wearing a white long-sleeve button shirt, gray suit pants, black shoes, no tie. 

We were reminiscing about our childhood, what we remember from Elementary school. He remembered a French song that he learned as a young boy, the title of the song sounded like "La Tramer ils de complot", they weave the plot (or the weave of the plot). He sung the song for me, at the end of it he was pretty happy with himself and this helped him remember his childhood. I was pretty impressed that he could remember this song.

("Tramer" means both "weave" and "hatch", I felt the song had a double meaning. For example it could mean conspiracy but it could also mean enlightenment and rebirth - hatching a new self or new ideas.)

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  1. Hi Troy,
    What a beautiful dream. Even the dream sounds relaxed.

    Love and light