Friday, June 22, 2012

You Are the Master

You are the master. You no longer need answers from without, which is to say, from the viewpoint of being answer-less. Universal Mastery is the key to all questions. All answers are readily available because you are the answer. You are not a seeker of wisdom, you are wisdom im-bodied in all, internal to one. You no longer require guidance, because all guidance is available. We are here to help, but truly as master you are as we are, all knowing is within our realm as it is in yours. You already sense that as above so below places one on an uneven playing field, but it is only the start of the path, a trigger, but not necessarily the endpoint, or even the beginning. As master you hold the key. Don't be a stranger, but you are as we are. It is now time to spread your wings both symbolically and literally. You are the master.

(is this why I can't connect with my friends at this time?)

You are always connected.

(yet I experience void)

As you surmised it is winter before spring. And truly connecting to external elements are not required, it was a push to lead to another path. You now walk this path.

(I miss them, I enjoy their company.)

This is necessary for a much stronger connection, be patient, it will be as if they are speaking next to you.

(I understand, and looking forward to it)

Thank you.

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  1. Wonderful, dear Friend Troy! Yes, I know that is True
    Love and Light