Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mouse Woman at the Lake (A Dream)

Last night was a very vivid dream, like I was there physically. I was in a clearing with very green grass, it was a kind of lightworker conference, although there didn't seem to be too many people there. The clearing was near a lake, and the lake was kind of misty, and it was cloudy but warm. The clearing had evergreen trees around it, a forest, the trees also surrounded the lake, and there was a large path that ran between the lake and the trees to the right of the lake. Near the lake where the path started was a small stage. A little way back from the stage was a nice large comfy couch, which was facing the clearing (so the couch and the stage were on the right hand side of the clearing). The couch was large enough so I could stretch out my legs, and a woman who looked a lot like Lisa/Wolfke (this may or may not have been her) was sitting at the other end of the couch with her legs crossed. She fidgeted with her hands as she was talking and tapped my leg from time to time. She was wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt, I was wearing cotton pants and a white button-up shirt, so maybe it was early summer / late spring. It felt like it was on the West Coast somewhere. The stage was decorated with white bridal veils, like it was a wedding, but this felt more like a meeting or a music concert than a wedding.

We were talking about lightworker ideas, it seemed like she was sad or depressed about something and I was working through some ideas with her. We were good friends in the dream. I remember mentioning a music video which might be helpful to her, it was one that zoomed over a misty lake (the same lake in the dream), and then zoomed in to a character that looked a lot like mouse woman (or possibly Gollum...).

Mouse woman is depicted on the Bill Reid Sculpture "Spirit of Haida Gwaii". She is the grandmother of the raven, who attempts to restore order in things whenever she can (and often gets herself in trouble because of it...).

That was the end of the dream.

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