Sunday, July 22, 2012

Astral Victoria, and Five Cloud Ships (a Dream)

I had two dreams on 21 July.

The first dream I'm in the "Astral" version of Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because there's a restaurant there called Pirates Cove, down in the Inner Harbor, that isn't there presently.

I find myself holding a white road bike with a broken front wheel. The tire is off the rim, and the tire is split. I think I was riding it with my older son, but riding the bike with a flat tire apparently shredded the tire. We're near a gym with an adventure playground set up in it, so I bring the bike in with me and set it next to the wall. My son wants to hang out there (it is a daycamp, very similar to the gymnastics he's enrolled in now), and I go off to the local mall (Eaton Center) to do some errands.

In the "astral" version of Victoria there is a Jazz restaurant/ nightclub there, with a big band playing on the stage. I'm walking towards the front entrance, and someone (one of the waiters) has an airline service cart that they push towards the entrance to cause problems. I try and stop the cart from rolling into a bunch of people but it still crashes, and all the food it is carrying goes all over the place. The manager comes and and starts yelling at me, saying I'm going to be working there for the rest of the day to pay off all the damage I caused. "No way!"

I duck out of there, and apparently I have an office somewhere in the mall that I hide out in. The office has wood floors and stained glass Tiffany lamps. It feels old-fashioned but has computers on the desks. I decide to hide out here until it's time to pick up my son, apparently the security guards are looking for me.

The second dream was fairly simple, I was looking up at the sky and these UFO's that look a lot like lenticular clouds were putting on a show for me, appearing one after the other. They were all the same size and shape (shaped like a frisbee), they must have been quite large (300 feet across?). This is the first dream I've had of this type. The first one was a beautiful aqua color (sea foam green?), it was there in the sky, then disappeared. Then another one showed up, first it was white, then it went half-invisible, then disappeared. Another one was white then aqua, then merged into the clouds, then disappeared, then a couple of them showed up at the same time and disappeared. The way they moved was effortlessly, like a cloud, but much faster; it was more like they were fish moving through water. I think there were 5 ships total.  Half way through this display I thought "come on guys take me with you!" but that was not why they were here at this time.

Dr. Steven Greer, Practical Applications of an Unbounded Mind

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