Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water=Power=Energy=Money (Exploration)

Water =power=energy=money
Bruce lee = "be water"
Cutting cords= cutting power
Energetic being with connections with energy
Power/energy cannot be destroyed
"i am death, the destroyer of worlds"
Death is the process of cutting energy cords.
We do not need to die to cut cords.
Energy cannot be destroyed.
Money cannot be destroyed.
Bankruptcy= no money = no power
Energetic ties that bind, that drain energy.
Why does the path lead to bankruptcy?
A point where we can no longer give away our money/ power.
Be power.
I am death. I am water. I am power.
Death is transmuting energy from one form to another. 
Snake represents single power/water flow. Without cords or single strand.
saving money means the power must flow somewhere else.
Saving energy means the money must flow somewhere else.
Be money. 
I transmute energy water power money. 
I cut the cords, my connections, to money water power.
Death of money. Money flows like water.
Harvest cords, harvest rivers, collect energy, collect money, collect water.
Be water.


  1. great post troy!
    it's like raw poetry, i like it very much

  2. Thanks Nando, glad you like it. There were visuals that went along with this that were difficult to capture... But this was an early morning stream of information I felt compelled to write down. Different from other stuff I've done, and it feels "incomplete", there is a bigger picture here. But maybe that bigger picture goes on forever... ;-)