Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pegasus and the Dragon (Astral Travel)

Last night was a waking dream. Where I’m not asleep but stuff happens anyways. I heard Adrial invite me to the GLS Aurora, and what I saw next is Pegasus, waiting for me to hop on. It suggested a saddle, I thought initially some horse armor but he looked a little silly like that, so a simple leather saddle with some celtic ornament on it. I hopped on and we took flight into the darkness. Next I saw a black dragon flying above us, I was told, this is you as well. The dragon flew into me, adding its power to mine.
What happened next was a series of very horrible images, I felt like we were passing through a dark dimension. Pegasus said create the light like a supernova, so I did, and we became this brilliant white light in the darkness. I still saw horrible monsters and ugly faces but they were consumed by the light.

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