Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Information and Energy (Source Unknown)

The true antichrist is not going to say I am here because he doesn't need to... and in fact the antichrist is not the anti christ at all but simply the  christ-consciousness which all may attain at this time. In a few short months this will be realized, and so much relevant and true information will come forward that your head will definitely reel from the weight of it. But you will know that it is true, and no amount of dis-information will obfuscate it. You will know. There will be more than simply an intuition requirement for this information, since the level of trust on the internet is fairly low. In fact the information will be released through multiple channels so there is no doubt as to its source of origin and its veracity. And likewise, controlling interests will have no role in this and will be neutralized, and they will wonder how it is that they are not able to control the flow of this information. It is in fact beyond their scope, and the intermediary channels are now acting on their highest spirit guidance, whether they realize it or not. Do not be afraid if some of this information comes from nontraditional channels - the point is to get the message out to the broadest possible audience in the least amount of time.

The energy that you are feeling is positive creative force that is flowing from all over the universe at this time. Bask in it as one would bask in a sunray or a hot tub. It is powerful energy that you can use to store and spend at a later time. You may wish to visualize a battery for the purposes of storing this energy and you may draw from this source.

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